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The “Balad Beast” festival lights up the historical sky of Jeddah

The sky of historic Jeddah, “Al-Balad”, was lit up last night with a magical show that combined music and lights in perfect harmony, with the launch of the new “Balad Beast” festival, which is organized by the music entertainment company “Middle Beast”.

During the weekend, the old squares in Al-Balad were transformed into theaters for the most prominent musical performances, in order to host 12,000 music lovers for two days and enjoy live performances by some of the most prominent local and international names in the world of electronic music and “hip-hop”.

One of the most prominent performances during the first night of the “Balad Beast” festival was the performance by the Italian duo “Tail of Us”, where the audience enjoyed an amazing 90-minute musical show in Omda Square. This was accompanied by distinctive light shows enjoyed by the participating crowds, which were reflected on the walls and facades of the old buildings in the center of Al-Balad, in a scene in which the lights danced to the sound of live music.

Wide public presence

Wide public presence

Music entertainment company MDL Beast presents the “Balad Beast” festival, which hosts more than 70 local, regional and international artists to perform live in the famous old quarters of a UNESCO World Heritage site. This festival is an affirmation of the “Middle Beast” firm commitment to shed light on emerging talents and stimulate innovation in the world of music, and the production of huge musical works, and shorten the distances between members of local communities to create and celebrate together and inspire the generations of tomorrow.

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It should be noted that the “Balad Beast” festival is the first festival to be held in Jeddah, which hosted, in addition to the Italian duo “Tail of Us”, a group of international stars, such as the American star “Ric Ross” and the Bosnian-Swedish DJ “Salvatore Ganacci” and local talents. And regional ones such as: “Final Mode”, “Tam Tam”, “Dana Hourani”, “Untitled” and many others.

As for the second and final night of the “Balad Beast” festival, it will host a group of the most prominent international names, such as “Carl Cox”, “Busta Rhymes” and “Exhibit”, in addition to more than 30 other artists and DJs. Together, they will present impressive performances in the five squares within the historic Jeddah “Al-Balad”.

Commenting on his participation in the “Blad Beast” festival, international American artist Rick Ross said: “It was my first visit here in 2018, and for sure, you can feel the passion and the development and growth of the hip-hop culture. It is really great and big; watching a gathering of this magnitude in Various theaters with the participation of many international and local artists, the emergence of talents in the arena, and the presence of names such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Exhibit.

He added: “I have a great passion and love for hip-hop culture and music, and when I think about it, I find myself going back to childhood and watching others achieve their dreams, and this has always been inspiring to me. Seeing the young generation here in Jeddah working on presenting their own music and achieving success It’s really inspiring. My advice to them is to keep going. You’re on the right track and you have to keep pushing yourself forward and not give up.”

Amazing music performances

Amazing music performances

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For his part, the Saudi artist Untitled said: “Balad Beast is unique, we are here in a site included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. I am happy to participate alongside Cali B, as we worked together on an album with an afro theme that fits more with the music in Jeddah.”

Balad Beast comes just one week after MDL Beast organized two of Riyadh’s most high-profile events, the XP Future of Music Conference and the massive three-day Soundstorm music festival. The Soundstorm Festival, whose scope is expanding significantly year after year, has attracted more than 600,000 participants to watch live performances by international artists such as David Guetta, DJ Khaled, Bruno Mars and Tiesto. and Swedish House Mafia and Post Malone, along with over 200 other artists.