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The battle against extremism is not over

The battle against extremism is not over

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, Minister of Awqaf, congratulated Major General Hisham Amna, Governor of Beheira, on the governorate’s National Day, appreciating his efforts in serving his governorate in general or supporting it with regard to advocacy and endowments in particular, noting that what was done in the mosques building exceeds the opening of 280 mosques, and today 13 are being opened. A mosque, and what has been accomplished in the last 3 years, in particular, is unprecedented in the history of the province, and the convoy of building the houses of God is still in place.

The Minister of Awqaf pointed to the extent of the unprecedented development in the training courses received by Sudanese imams and preachers alongside the Egyptians, as they are very advanced courses in moderate thought, stressing that the permanent development of the level of imams is a strategic and central goal for us, and that the reform process is in full swing, and it cannot be That a corrupt or corrupt person be allowed to spread his corruption, for the time of corruption has passed irreversibly.

He continued: “Any corruption is confronted with the utmost firmness and decisiveness, appreciating the earnest and frank support of the governor of the Buhaira Endowment Directorate, noting that the state is moving at unprecedented pace in reform, and only the ungrateful denies these efforts, explaining that the improvement in the conditions of the imams is the best witness. On the state’s tendency to raise the status of imams, and its keenness to raise awareness.”

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The Minister of Awqaf stressed the importance of integration with Al-Azhar through preachers, and that we are one team in integration and coordination for the sake of advocacy, noting that the ministry launched an awareness-building initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and that the issue of renewal is not a temporary and ending issue, but rather it is permanent and continuous. We started with social media and digital transformation courses.

The Minister of Endowments called on imams to fill the cyberspace, because the people of falsehood do not work except in the absence of the people of truth, stressing that the battle against extremism has not ended and we are in a race against time and we must reach the people by all means, calling for the need to intensify communication with society, especially the youth. In youth centers, villages, hamlets and caravans, noting that the ministry is refining the imam’s scientific skills by signing a number of protocols with Egyptian universities to train imams and preachers, concluding by directing the imams to exert more effort in seeking knowledge, knowledge and general culture, and virtuous morals so that it The Imam is a role model and a beacon of knowledge that guides all people.