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The bears did not expel them from California, but impunity plundered and did the tax

According to an analysis of the Federal Travel Promise Change of Address form, 15 percent of people have grown up or have done so. People live in Idaho, a travel agent for United Van Lines said, followed by Jane Carolina, Oregon, Jane Dakota and Arizona. Exodus from California Junior in light of Florida and Texas.

On the road they have

On the road bears prefer …

Citizens of the former Czechoslovakia, Manil Brau and Garda Matgovt often visited a view of cars leaving from Golden Street. They loved the local lifestyle and creative energy for freedom, art and technology. They are also leaving.

Avoid problems that keep growing. The sharp drop in the salaries of police officers has greatly reduced their willingness to solve crime and looting.

The Road to Florida

Manel moves to Florida and sells the house on a wild walk, an hour’s drive from Los Angeles, San Imeggio. On 3,200 acres, more than 1,500 meters above sea level, is a newly built village, known as Pine Mountain Club.

It is a beautiful, affordable, and friendly mountain community that reminds us of California encounters in time. It is a place where people can find a time to pause and welcome, where friendship must take root and where life moves at a more relaxed pace.

There is tyi ron podob and wild sales. There is also a wild zv, driven by ern medvd. The village is surrounded by 1.7 million acres of Los Padres National Forest.

I discovered this heaven on earth during a weekend stroll around the sale, when I needed to take a break from the stress and get back in demanding life in Los Angeles, owner Garda Matjovsk remembers with a laugh, as he sits comfortably on a lawn chair in one of the stands on the heel.

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And he adds: Nothing is missing for a happy life. We have all the technical amenities here. The Internet, satellite television, and electricity from the street support the solar collectors on the bracket, which secure the batteries in the garage. This investment in green energy costs $ 35,000. Fresh water comes from wells and springs. Wells take care of the waste.

T can also be bears

There are tennis courts, golf and a swimming pool. There are also places where you can keep your horse or rent something. The 110-kilometer cycling trails in the area, in winter, change to lyask Peak Trails. In the adjacent Lockwood mine is Piru Creek with fishing opportunities. Common services include a fire station, security, wholesale trade, a fuel station and garbage collection.

And how are the waste requirements specified here? I should not throw burning coals from the heater due to rodents. Unusual local regulations include the fact that the lids must be closed and no food left outside. Bears pull to the village.

Home entrance

Home entrance

In his own sense of humor, he asserts that strong characters with bears are no joke. He describes with them the following: They’ve visited us many times, so we have two Frenchmen in their wake so they don’t come in as an uninvited guest. They are very upset and can push them away. Locking the outside entrance to the balconies in the fifth position does not make sense if you do not want to be in the room.

The two-storey building is from 1991. On a plot of 931 square meters there is a building with an area of ​​220 square meters.2It has three monkeys, three pigeons, and a double. In the heels there is a balcony around the house with a beautiful view of the surroundings in all directions.

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Behind the entrance you will find a small base (three times the time requiring a slide and fortress), which leads to the stairs to the first floor and the corridor to a dormitory, including the entrance to the garage.

The Manel floor is divided into social and private spaces. The social rooms are open to each other, your room is a room with a huge brick fireplace and home cinema. There are sliding doors in one of the walls with entrance to the balcony and outdoor seating area. From the dining room entrance to the other side of the balcony.


Wonderful living room with fireplace

The adjacent kitchen is equipped with modern appliances including dishwashers. The private entrance is a large mansion with a built-in wardrobe under one of the walls. The glass and French sliding door is a set of two walls that lead to the terraces. One room serves the owner as an office.

The estimated price of the property in the Czech Republic, according to local brokers, is around $ 550,000. After purchase, you are required to pay US $ 134 in community rumors or community of owners fee.