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The "beast" fire in Oregon... can be seen from space and its smoke reaches New York

The “beast” fire in Oregon… can be seen from space and its smoke reaches New York

The drought-stricken western United States is seeing more bushfire devastation as efforts to contain a wildfire continue in southern Oregon.

site said “Business Insider“The fire burned over 1,500 square kilometers of forest, so large that it could be seen from space.

Videos released by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show plumes of smoke rising into the air from the Bootleg fire.

According to the National Bushfire Incident Information System, as of Tuesday morning, the Butlegue fire was only 30 percent contained.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the fire may not be fully contained until November.

Clouds of fire smoke can lead to “fire tornadoes” or cause lightning strikes that can ignite more fires.

Wildfires are burning in several areas of the western United States and Canada, including the “monster” fire that has been going on for nearly two weeks in Oregon, according to theReuters.

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The thick smoke from the Botleg Fire and its eastward direction polluted the air, transporting the noxious smoke to places as far away as New York City.

In 13 western states, more than 80 active wildfires have burned nearly 1.3 million acres (526,000 hectares) of dry vegetation in recent weeks, an area larger than Delaware, according to the Interagency National Fire Center in Delaware. Boise, Idaho.

Hundreds of additional fires broke out in western and central Canada. Among them, 86 were classified as out of control in British Columbia alone, prompting officials there to declare a state of emergency.

Air currents carried smoke and ash thousands of kilometers from the fires, where people in distant cities feel the air pollution.