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The best Google Drive add-ons to increase your productivity

The best Google Drive add-ons to increase your productivity

Learn about the most important additions included in the Google Drive platform, which are third-party programs that are installed inside the platform.

  • Various Google Drive applications

The Google Drive platform includes a set of add-ons that are able to change the way it is used. These add-ons are third-party programs that are installed within the Google Drive platform.

You can find it in its own Google Drive store, and you can use the usual Docs and Sheet programs in Google Drive.

These add-ons include a set of tools for organizing work, and also include alternative tools for DOCS, Sheets, and PDF viewing.

addition Style table:

With the extension, you can change the look of spreadsheets automatically within the Goole Sheets application.

It’s a useful tool if you work with spreadsheets on a regular basis.

From within the extension, you can choose one of the various designs in it, so you save time in formatting tables in Google Drive.

a tool automatic latex for equations:

Through this tool, you can add a set of different mathematical equations, as this tool supports all mathematical equations.

The equation appears as if it were handwritten in Google Drive documents or Sheets.

The tool is more geared towards teachers or people working in the field of mathematics and engineering and those who need equations on a regular basis.

a tool translate my schedule:

As the name of the tool suggests, it allows you to translate the contents of Google Sheets with the click of a button.

You can translate the entire document or just parts of it within Google Drive tables.

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The translation is done using Google Translate servers and it supports more than 100 different languages.

a tool RingCentral fax:

Although fax technology has fallen out of use due to the proliferation of email, some companies still rely on it to send confidential and important documents.

So you can use this tool to send Google Docs documents directly to any fax machine around the world from Google Drive.

a tool MindMup2:

If you need to make a mind map, MindMup2 is what you need.

This is because the tool allows you to arrange your thoughts in clear geometric shapes, and you can modify the existing mind maps in the tool or design new maps as you need.

a tool Document Creator:

This tool allows you to split Google Docs documents into small building blocks that can be reused later as you wish.

So if you are making a lot of similar documents, you can use this tool to split the document into parts and reuse them later.

You can install the extension through the Google Drive store for free.

addition Zoom:

This add-on is a miniature version of the popular Zoom video chat application, and after installing this add-on in Google Drive, you can schedule meetings, and you can access meetings from within it as well.

addition Lucidchart . Charts:

With this add-on, you can create a set of distinctive charts.

This tool helps you to create various graphs based on the various shapes provided in the plugin.

And you can download the extension from the Google Drive store easily.

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a tool crop leaf:

With this tool, you can reduce the size of your Google Sheets document and remove all the unnecessary tables and data to be able to keep your document focused and formatted to the utmost.

a tool

This tool allows you to put a timer in Google Forms documents that are used by many, and with the tool you can put a timer for the completion of the exam via Google Forms as an example or see the time taken to solve the survey.

Of course, the tool’s data and results appear within the report in Google Drive.