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The best way to pickle cabbage.  Our grandmothers used to do this, but then it was forgotten

The best way to pickle cabbage. Our grandmothers used to do this, but then it was forgotten

Fermentation is one of the healthiest methods of vegetable processing, which has recently begun to gain popularity again. So if you want to do something for your health, prepare it from carefully selected ingredients. Try sauerkraut, which our grandmothers used to prepare, you will go back to your childhood and never want to taste another one.

Fermentation is a miracle without competition

This may have been the oldest method of food preservation that arose by mistake, when one of our ancestors forgot their food in the heat, or discovered their snack a few weeks later. This way, he can have fruit wine, fish sauce, or one of the other dishes. This is a process in which yeast feeds on sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. When preserving food, the term fermentation is used.

Sauerkraut for your health

Almost everyone will appreciate it, especially in the winter. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is necessary for a healthy organism. It prevents oxidative stress and helps boost immunity. The content of this vitamin is preserved thanks to the fermentation process. Previously, sauerkraut was used as a basis for winter nutrition and was also popular with sailors who were at risk of developing scurvy. You will not find vitamin E, K and most of the B vitamins in it, and the content of microbes that can populate the intestinal microflora and thus multiply our defenses is also useful.

The perfect grandma cabbage

Once you start this recipe, prepare about 5 kilograms of cabbage. You can get it in many stores during the fall. You can also use the ring, but in this case prepare strong levers, always remove the broom. Choose the roughness of the loop. You will also need 3 larger onions, 3 thinly sliced ​​carrots, and 1 grated radish. 3 fresh, grated apples give the perfect flavour. You will mix the ingredients in a large bowl.

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Mix everything with apples and vegetables. Season with salt. For 5 kilograms of cabbage, you will need about 100 grams. Using a large amount will slow down the fermentation process. Put about 15 grams of cumin. Finally, mix everything well and press for 10 minutes.

storage container

Stuff the cabbage into the sauerkraut saucepan. But you can also use large jars. The important thing is to pack a lot and make it heavy in the end. To do this, use a clean stone or a glass filled with water. The cabbage should always be immersed in the cabbage water in the container, otherwise it may start to spoil. Leave in a dark place at a temperature of at least 24 ° C. You can monitor the progress of the process thanks to the bubbles. Once done, you are done. Just put the barrel or jar in a cool place and you can enjoy the cabbage all winter long.

When should you be careful?

Only avoid sauerkraut if you have thyroid problems. Cabbage contains substances that block the absorption of iodine. The fermentation process enhances this ability.

Photo: shutterstock