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Ilustrační foto.

The bicycle bike scooter sounds like a hard science

My dear diary. I haven’t written any experiences here in a long time, so I got up in the morning to take the bullet (Felicia) into service, because some things, like the brakes, should be fine. Since the service is based on the top of our town (Bludovický Hill), I deemed it convenient to take a Verunka motorbike. I’m going home early and treating my legs – I have 3 weeks after meniscus surgery.

So I went for the bullet I took and handed it over and enjoyed the boy on duty with my motorcycle and I went home … I fell like a Schumacher, the wind was burning in my hair, the brakes were much warmer than the brakes. I wish the cars would see me and not hit me in the trench. Everything worked!

I’m close to home, cool! I am healthy, not crashing …………….. DUP! The sidewalk made me next to our barracks. One chit. The scooter “stuck” a little and fell off the handlebar, which was, however, enough to hit my chest or rib or something like that. The fall to the knees on the sidewalk was brutal. I breathed in pain in front of the barracks like a firstborn, and stood on my feet in a monologue of vulgar words. Fortunately, no one saw me. I’ll be already on YouTube.

So I have a “beautiful” knee. Now I hope it has no effect on the other meniscus.

Janina Batakova

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