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The big oil companies make donations to 3 of the most prestigious British universities

The big oil companies make donations to 3 of the most prestigious British universities

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  • The pressure on educational institutions to sever ties with fossil fuel companies will increase
  • Imperial College London has accepted 54m since 2017
  • Funding has helped develop key solutions to tackle climate change
  • Disclosure of sponsorship agreements tarnishes the reputation of the UK’s leading educational institutions

An investigation by the independent British media site Open Democracy has revealed that oil companies have donated about 89 89 million ($ 118.13 million) to some of Britain’s most prestigious universities over the past four years.

The investigation pointed out that the prestigious British universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College are among the universities funded by the world’s largest oil companies, and that London Imperial College has accepted about 54 54 million since 2017.

The Guardian newspaper reported on December 11 that there had been increasing pressure in recent months on educational institutions to sever ties with fossil fuel companies.

On the other hand, more than 40 senior academics and scientists last month signed an open letter promising to stop dealing with the British Museum of Science over its financial ties with major oil companies.

The newly announced deal with Adani Green Energy, a renewable energy company, a subsidiary of Adani Group of India, which owns a large stake in the museum’s relations and coal business with Shell, has led to the resignation of several of its employees.

Investigation results

Imperial College London has accepted 54 million from oil companies since 2017, according to a new investigation by the independent British media site Open Democracy.

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The funding includes 39m from the shell, which the college said was a “long-term and fruitful partnership”.

Imperial College Building – Archive

Imperial College noted that the confidentiality of private contracts prevented the disclosure of exactly what the money was used for, which funded energy conversion and carbon reduction research and extraction and carbon reduction activities.

Imperial College said it would protect its funding and help develop key solutions to tackle climate change, using its influence and expertise to accelerate this change, and encouraging energy companies to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In contrast, Cambridge University received more than 14 14 million from oil companies, and Oxford University received nearly 8 8 million, and these large donations include the Center for the School of Side Business at Oxford University.

Financial institutions

Open Democracy, an independent British media platform, has used the Freedom of Information Act to ask universities for details of any funding they have received from the eight major oil companies since 2017: Total, Shell, BP, Equinor, Eni, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and ExxonMobil.

Thirty-six universities said they had received funding from eight major oil companies, including donations, grants, grants and research funds, while other universities declined to say whether they had received similar funding.

The universities of Southampton, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Bath each received more than ஒரு 1 million from the oil companies, and the universities themselves received 89 89 million, but the actual number may be higher; Because many of them refused to provide details.

The British newspaper The Guardian reports that some universities have refused to release any information in this regard.

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Building by the London School of Economics and funded by major oil companies
Building of the London School of Economics – Archive

The London School of Economics has said it will not release any information as it will have difficulty raising funds from private donors in the future, which could be detrimental to the college’s business interests.

For its part, the British University of Surrey has refused to release details of its research funding from BP, on the advice of BP; After contacting BP, it was confirmed that it considers the right amount of funds to be commercially sensitive.

The status of the environmental group

Rihanna Carcello, Friends of the Earth Environment Group’s exclusion campaigner, said the revelations of these sponsorship agreements would tarnish the reputation of the UK’s leading educational institutions, as well as the reputation of Cambridge University, which is committed to removing fossil fuels.

Brighton British MP Carolyn Lucas said there was no justification for taking money from the oil and gas companies and that it was not fair to be complicit in the greenwashing that these big companies are doing.

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