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The Blizzard Arcade Collection has grown from two vintage pieces

The Lost Vikings 2
| picture: Blizzard

The Blizzard Arcade Collection is available on the PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms and includes The Lost Vikings (1992), Rock & Roll Racing (1993) and Blackthorne (1994). Of course, these are not all old games from Blizzard, which have been partially fixed by the new free patch. It adds two more pieces and many improvements.

As for the new games, we have RPM Racing (1991) isometric graphics, an advance version of Rock N Roll Racing. Most interesting is the continuation of the logic game The Lost Vikings, The Lost Vikings 2 from 1997, in which players wait once again for Erik, Olaf and Baleog, which compliments Werewolf Fang and Dragon Scrush. Death and Return of Superman is still missing, but here it’s clear that due to the license the game will likely never appear in the set.

The museum section now includes a section on design documentation, which reveals how the original concepts became game finished. Rock N Roll Racing includes a new streaming creator mode that features licensed original music Not supported for broadcasting, Replaces MIDI versions. You can now race locally for up to four people.

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