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The box is not suitable. The restaurant is a dream that brings out the guest

With employees returning to offices, some companies have tried to come up with a suitable office space. New offices have been set up in different workplaces, where employees have space to find themselves. This is one of the reasons funds exist today.

In addition to their own funds, our colleagues also use the services of people.

Behind the change are a host of different reasons. Unable to go to lunch in the evening, they began to learn the principles of a healthy diet. Currently, the impact of strong inflation, when restaurant prices in restaurants go up a lot, have added to Kamil Bare, Director of Sales at personal

This is not a drastic change of habit, the new trend was almost confirmed by the aunt’s employer. In addition, the volume of pensions that pass through the provision of services, at 46 percent, is increasing.

In addition to the frequent use of the distribution, the average line rises, which is currently around 350 kroner. Often more employees order food together. The average number of items in a bulk order, with one colleague ordering to distribute the service to all people, increased by 10 and 15 percent during the pandemic.

After the measure was relaxed, it remained at the same level as during the written closure, confirms the Czech platform specialized in food delivery Dme Jdlo.

The positive effect is a noticeable improvement in the quality of the food distributed. While in the past food imports were mainly spread by pizza and general fast food parties, in recent months food has also come with the restaurant, which depends on the quality and freshness of the ingredients, explains Stefan Nicoletti, CEO of the Czech Republic, which specializes in more about employees.

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The supply increased, the packaging and transportation materials improved, the number of distribution companies increased, and the competition among them increased. Nicoletti adds that this is due to the fact that the level of the distributed diet has gone up and it is more important.

The restaurant collapsed

A change of approach on the part of consumers is observed in some restaurants, as confirmed by the Vice President of the Association, Restaurant Apron Lubo Kastner. And they don’t like him at all.

And the controversy arose when, on the one hand, you do not have the sales necessary to cover all the costs of operating the restaurant, and on the other hand, you are forced to increase the salaries of employees so that they do not leave, comments on the situation in gastronomy Luk Tesrek

The decrease in income is recorded by restaurants, especially at the time of this period. Let’s see a significant reduction in the number of transactions and a reduction in related needs. So we see big drops in the Monday and Tuesday markets, on the contrary, at the end of the week people will have more to do with Castner.

The decrease in the need for restaurants in the water is still linked to a still-obvious effort to make better use of the food from the weekend.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, he regularly brought a box of work, which the family had not eaten on Sundays, to Veronica, one of the crowded offices.

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The factor could be more, due to them not going to restaurants as much as before the epidemics. People work more from home, get used to cooking at home or reduce costs due to higher prices.

This is due to the fact that restaurants grow slowly and often with a certain bottom. It’s not like gasoline and diesel, their jump prices are going up. In the past month, the number of restaurants has increased by ten and twenty percent, and the increase in sweeteners and individual items will continue, Jana Kohutov says, speaking to SaltPay, which creates the Storyous restaurant system.