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Těhotná žena u lékaře

The Brazilian mutation is more aggressive in pregnant women. The government is asking for a pregnancy to be postponed

Brazil ranks third among the countries worst affected in terms of absolute numbers, as more than 13.8 million people have contracted the Coronavirus in the South American country, and the disease continues to spread rapidly. The highly contagious variant of P1, referred to as the Brazilian mutation, contributes significantly to this.

Regarding this, an official in the Ministry of Health, Raphael Barente, called on women to delay starting a family. He said, “If possible, women should postpone pregnancy to better times to keep it calmer. Of course we are not talking about women between the ages of 42 and 43, but it is better for a young woman to wait a while now.” Press Conference.

He said that the ministry is working hard on studies on pregnancy and mutations of the Corona virus. There is no formal study available yet, however, expert clinical practice has shown that the Brazilian alternative has more aggressive effects on pregnant women.

According to a ministerial official, a dangerous course was previously observed mainly in women in the third trimester of pregnancy and after childbirth, but recently there have been more severe cases for women in the second and first trimester of pregnancy.

The ministry also resorted to the recommendation due to the pressure on the health system. The Brazilian boom is currently the dominant variant of the Coronavirus in the country, and it is spreading rapidly and increasingly affecting young people. Data from hospitals shows that in March, more than half of the patients in intensive care units were people under the age of 40, according to the news site. Watchman.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, despite the increase in the number of cases, refused to close and held large events where he was seen without a headscarf. It recently recognized vaccination as a potential solution to the epidemic, but the distribution of vaccines in the country is accompanied by problems and delays.

According to local media, vaccination was completely suspended in some cities this week due to a lack of vaccines. Despite this, the capital, Sao Paulo, announced Friday that it will open restaurants and stores.

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