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The British are setting up inns for rabbits!

The British are setting up inns for rabbits!

The British newspaper, The Guardian, confirmed that the rapid breeding of rabbits has traditionally become a pest for farmers and gardeners in the United Kingdom.

He said that as the number of rabbits in the UK became extinct due to the disease, they are now being hailed as ‘ecosystem architects’ and landowners are being encouraged to create innovative ‘rabbit hotels’ to update their numbers.

Hotels, piles of artfully arranged branches – provide protection from thriving predators, and even provide new places for female rabbits to burrow and breed their offspring.

It noted that between 1996 and 2018 the number of rabbits in the East Midlands had dropped by 88% and in Scotland by 83%, and in the decade until 2018 it had dropped by 43% across the UK and there was no sign of a recent scientific survey.

They are actually an endangered species native to the Iberian Peninsula, and people are surprised that rabbits are important in some ecosystems, and we consider them an insect, but in the UK it is a basic species – they function. Land managers and many species depend on them. “

The newspaper points out that the homeland of the European rabbit was not brought to the United Kingdom but to the Kingdom by the Normans.

He noted that they have been actively farming for meat in the Brix for nearly 9 centuries, and in this unique place of arid and sandy biodiversity, their grazing has helped rare plants and vertebrates to grow.

Rabbits are selective grazing animals that control strong weeds and thus help the more sensitive wildflowers.

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Digging the seeds out of the ground helps germinate and ecologists create a “small mosaic habitat” – warm, open land patches are home to rare flowers and invertebrates and common lizards and snakes.