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The British attacked the gas station.  Nobody can transport fuel from refineries - ČT24 - Czech TV

The British attacked the gas station. Nobody can transport fuel from refineries – ČT24 – Czech TV

Reuters reported that queues of cars formed at some petrol stations in London and Kent in southern England on Friday. This was also confirmed by the Czech TV correspondent in London, Bohumil Vostal. “The main news stories are the fact that long queues are forming in front of petrol stations all over England, including London,” he said.

“All the newspapers have questions on the front page like will oil and gasoline be allocated?” Fostal added. He added that British ministers should meet at Government House to discuss the crisis and find a solution.

The Fuel Merchants Association advised motorists to have enough fuel in the tank to make it enough for them to travel to the standby station in the event of a “rare” event that would not initially be available. There are about 8,300 service stations in Britain, about one percent of which are currently closed. For example, only one type of fuel ran out somewhere.

The deployment of soldiers is being considered

There have been reports in some British media that the British government is considering deploying troops in a situation where the country lacks up to 100,000 truck drivers. “If it helps, we will contact them,” Shapps told the BBC. He added, however, that it was not clear, for example, whether soldiers could drive vehicles with a civil registry.

And the British Retailers Association (BRC) warned that “if more drivers cannot be found within the next 10 days, we will inevitably have big problems in the lead-up to Christmas”. “Truck drivers are like the glue that holds the supply chain together,” he said.

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Transport Minister Shapps said on Sky TV that the shortage of drivers is a global problem due to the fact that during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were no tests for new drivers. According to him, Britain is doubling the number of tests. Today’s truck drivers are on average 55 years old and complain about poor working conditions and salaries.