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سفارة بريطانيا بالقاهرة تبرز تطبيق قرار رفع مصر من القائمة الحمراء للسفر غدا

The British embassy in Cairo demonstrates the implementation of the decision to remove Egypt from the red list for tomorrow’s trip

The British Embassy in Cairo announced today that Egypt will be removed from the red list for travel to the United Kingdom tomorrow (Wednesday).

British Embassy

In his account tweets on the “Twitter” website, he added that the decision was a great step forward in promoting tourism and business and helping individuals travel more freely.

He explained, “Whether you are a British, Egyptian or non-Egyptian citizen, you no longer need hotel isolation when traveling from Egypt to the UK. There are travel rules from Amber List countries Mast. There are a few countries on the list that should have certain procedures when visiting the UK.

The embassy confirmed that it is now working with the Egyptian government to achieve a mechanism for creating vaccination certificates for those who have been vaccinated in Egypt, which are recognized in the United Kingdom … We are committed to reopening international travel.

On Friday, the British government announced a comprehensive change in travel rules, in light of these changes, the existing green lists will be removed with a single red list of banned countries, and according to the BBC, test requirements for travelers will be reduced even if they are fully vaccinated, as they no longer require a pre-departure test when they return to the UK, the changes October 4 Effective Monday from 4 p.m..

The red list has also been changed with Turkey, Pakistan, Maldives, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh and Kenya – meaning they will be open to travelers without the need to be isolated upon return to the UK. These changes will take effect on Wednesday, September 22 at 4 p.m.

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