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The British government continues the student union for 'anti-Semitism'

The British government continues the student union for ‘anti-Semitism’

Shima Talali has been the target of racism and intimidation since she won the post of president of the British Student Union (Twitter).

The British government has called for a review of the results of the National Student Union elections, and in the wake of a campaign accusing its leader, Shaimaa Dali, of being “anti-government”. Semitism “.

The allegations against Talali are based on his favorite posts on social media since March 2021, indicating that Israel is a racist country.
In a press release, British University Minister Michelle Donnelly justified the move, saying Shima Talali had not succeeded in representing students studying in the United Kingdom and that she had not adhered to the definition of anti-Semitism set by the International Holocaust Memorial Association. IHRA).

The British media quoted Shima Talali as saying that her position was anti-racist and that the union was a place for expression and representation of all students, but also against all forms of racism.

The Center for Civil Electoral Services in London, which is legally responsible for the legitimacy of student elections, is also in crisis, which has promised Jewish institutions in the UK that the student election process will be conducted with transparency and honesty. , And in accordance with generally accepted standards.

The issue of blaming the National Association of Students Against the Government escalated last week, with Education Minister Najim al-Jahawi and University Minister Michel Donnellan announcing the severance of government ties with the union. The decision was based on allegations of discrimination against Jewish students at universities by student unions, following allegations by the government.

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As a result of this practice, government funding for the Union will be discontinued and will not be included in discussions on education policies in the United Kingdom. But the government considered the move temporary until the “anti-Semitism” issue in the union was resolved.

The student union has been the target of slanderous propaganda since Shima Talali, 27, won the presidency last March. , Especially the Palestinian cause.

After Talali won the election, he was subjected to racist propaganda, threats and insults on social media. These threats.

In the same interview, Talali apologized for an earlier post on Twitter 10 years ago that was considered an anti-Semitic provocation, explaining that his thoughts had changed and that the teenage girl he was at the time was no more.