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The British Health Minister has said that sports organizations in the UK do not take racism seriously

The British Health Minister has said that sports organizations in the UK do not take racism seriously

British Health Minister Sajid Javed said on Sunday that British sports officials did not take racist allegations seriously.

Speaking on Sky News’ Trevor Phillips weekly political program on Sunday, Javed said the racist language used at the Yorkshire County Cricket Club was not “humorous.”

Amid allegations by former cricketer Azim Rabeek that his former club is facing institutional racism and racist language, he has called for a change in the Anglo-Pakistani ministerial system.

“I used to call P *** every day at school, I didn’t like it then, I don’t like it now,” Javed said.

He added that sports officials such as the England and Wales Cricket Board had not done enough to tackle racism.

“I think sports officials are talking, whether it’s football or cricket, but what did they really do to really help?” Javed said.

“I remember when I was the Minister of Culture and Sports Supervision in this country, I met with the European Central Bank, and then I met with racism issues in cricket, they told me what they were going to do, where we see now, many years later, what’s going on,” he said. Look at that, look at what was discovered.

The minister said the European Central Bank did not take racism seriously and that the governing body should “look into it”.

“Now this is a real test for them, let’s see if they can pass,” he said.

Although Britain has come a long way in combating racism, not all companies in the country have made the trip, “said Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

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The former Yorkshire County cricketer’s comrade revealed last year that the club’s non-white players were called “P ****” and “elephant washers”.

A legal battle erupted and after the Yorkshire Cricket Club investigation, Rafique admitted to being a victim of “racist harassment and intimidation”. However a full report on what happened has not yet been released.

On Tuesday, Rafiq explained to representatives of the Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sports how racist language was “constantly” used while staying at the Governorate Club.