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The British House of Commons honored the ambassador al-Duwaisan

The British House of Commons honored the ambassador al-Duwaisan

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the British House of Commons, praised Kuwait’s ambassador to the United Kingdom and Kuwait for Northern Ireland during his three decades of tireless diplomatic service in London.

At a ceremony at the House of Commons yesterday evening, Hoyle’s role as Kuwait’s representative or dean of recognized ambassadors was not “as easy as some may think.”

Howell emphasized that al-Du’aisan was “unique in its ability to engage in dialogue on issues related to the Middle East and various international issues.” fully.”

He said every deputy or politician in Britain should have met with Ambassador Khalid al-Duwaisan at some point, pointing to his relationship with the former prime minister since he was appointed Labor representative in the 1997 election. Minister Tony Blair.

Hoyle considered Ambassador al-Duwayson deserving of all thanks and gratitude for all that he had done and worked to bring Kuwait-British relations to a stable and interdependent level at the State and Parliament or at the official level. Popular status.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson praised Ambassador Khalid Al-Dwight for his role in strengthening strong ties between the Government of the United Kingdom and the Government of Kuwait and the people.

In a letter to Al – Duwaizan’s official farewell ceremony, Johnson said, “His honesty and commitment during his thirty years of service were not only reflected in the bilateral relations between the two countries.

In turn, Crispin Blunt, the former chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Commons, praised Ambassador al-Duwaisan, saying, “Everyone who knows him testifies that he is in a way active and enthusiastic. Explain. ” .

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Blunt, who chaired the group between 2015 and 2017, said he first met with ambassador al-Duwaizan in 1993 when he was working as an adviser to the British defense minister, and that the first country he visited at the time was Kuwait.

He said his relationship with al-Duwaisan would remain a cordial and cordial one, and reflected the level of acceptance and special status that the Brigadier General had among all the politicians and diplomats he knew. The State of Kuwait is happy in our hearts.

After serving as Special Adviser to the British Foreign Secretary, Blunt confirmed that his knowledge of al-Dwight, Kuwait and the Gulf region had further improved. Subsequent British Governments.

For his part, Andrew Morrison, the former British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, said that “Ambassador al-Duwayson is a distinguished diplomatic figure who truly deserves the diplomacy of the Diplomatic Corps in London.”

In his speech, Morrison expressed his regret at the end of al-Duwaizan’s mission as Kuwait’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, emphasizing that he was still at the forefront of giving and could provide a lot for his country and the Middle East region.

He said his personal relationship with Ambassador al-Duwaisan was “important” when he was Minister of the Middle East because the Kuwaiti ambassador represented his country’s interests and played a key role in highlighting Arab issues.