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The British manufacturer wants to return balloons to the sky. Due to lower emissions

The British company wants to start operating the hybrid powered Airlander in 2025. The standard electricity and fuel mix will be replaced with a purely electric version from 2030 onwards. However, the “hybrid” aircraft produces 90 percent less emissions than conventional aircraft used for the same purpose, the company said On their site.

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) have also set specific locations where they want to compete with traditional short-haul flights in the future. Its aircraft must carry passengers, for example, from Liverpool to Belfast in Northern Ireland in five hours and twenty minutes, or from Oslo to Stockholm in 6.5 hours.


According to the company, current air connections take roughly that much if travel time to and from the airport is included. However, the airship does not require a runway and can use almost any flat plot of land with plenty of vertical take off space.

While the jet has a carbon footprint of 53 kilograms of carbon dioxide on the typical line between Barcelona and Palma in Mallorca2 The company claims that for each person a zeppelin should be 4.5kg. “We have planes designed to travel very long distances and use them for short trips, although there is a better solution,” he told the newspaper, “This is not a perfect product but a practical solution to the challenges posed by the climate crisis.” Watchman HAV Head Tom Grande.

Zdroj: hybrid air vehicles

Zdroj: hybrid air vehicles

According to him, nearly half of the regional flights connect cities less than 400 kilometers away, resulting in a significant amount of emissions. In contrast, a balloon filled with helium, which is thus lighter than air, consumes much less fuel. Grande says HAV is one step away from selecting a site for its production line, which should be producing 12 balloons a year as of 2025.

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During testing, the Airlander has so far reached a maximum altitude of 2.1 kilometers and a speed of 92.6 kilometers per hour. The prototype of the airship completed a total of six test flights, some of which ended in failure. For example, during its second attempt in 2016, the balloon collided with the ground and its front part during a landing and was damaged. But nothing happened to anyone.

The Airlander Model 10, which the company introduced this week, has a double chassis covered in laminated fabric that does not transport helium. Inside, there are many balloons that help maintain the correct pressure in the structure, as with changes in temperature or altitude, helium expands and contracts in various ways. HAV states that even if fuselage damage occurs in flight, automatic systems can use balloons to compensate for any helium leakage so that the machine can handle an emergency landing.

Europe relies more on trains

The 100-passenger airship is designed to withstand temperature fluctuations, strong winds or thunderstorms. According to HAV, it meets the same safety standards as any airliner. However, it is more stable in atmosphere, so flights are more comfortable for passengers, Grande says. “Thanks to the low noise, weak vibration and little turbulence that people fear on board other aircraft,” he told the station’s server. CNN.

As with airplanes, the airship’s fixed components are made of carbon fiber and glass. The control systems then use optical fibers, which are lighter than traditional copper wires and feature faster data transmission.

There are enough airports. Pirates and mayors prepare to return to the railroad

The environmental impact of aviation and emissions from short flights is also a hot topic in the European Union, which wants to be carbon neutral by 2050. The European Union countries depend mainly on trains in this regard. French Parliament in April Domestic flights prohibitedWhich can be done by direct train in less than two and a half hours.

One of Europe’s biggest airlines also wants to be greener. German company Lufthansa will launch Deutsche Bahn with state railways Express rail connection, Which should replace short-haul flights. Starting in July, Expresses will connect Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Munster and Munich to Lufthansa base in Frankfurt.