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The British Minister confirms that society is changing for the Omicron تغير variable

The British Minister confirms that society is changing for the Omicron تغير variable

The new variant for Covit-19 in Britain’s Health Minister in Parliament on Monday is now spreading to communities across the UK, with a total of 336 confirmed mutation cases being first detected in South Africa.

According to the latest data, there are now 261 cases in the UK, 71 in Scotland and four in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases across the UK to 336, Sajid Javed said in a statement to the House of Commons.

“This includes cases that have nothing to do with international travel,” he said. Therefore, we can conclude that there is now social expansion in many parts of the UK.

The minister told parliament on Tuesday that Nigeria would be added to the red list of travel restrictions and pre-departure PCR or late flow tests for anyone traveling to the country.

“We will not give up anything. Our strategy is to take the time to strengthen our defenses while our world’s leading scientists evaluate this new alternative and its meaning in our fight against Covit-19.

Javid has also updated in the House of Commons previously published data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) about a recent scientific analysis that Omigran may have a lower window of infection than the delta variant.

However, he said there was no “clear picture” as to whether the alternative would cause a more serious disease or how it would be affected by the current vaccines being given to Covit-19.

“So, at this point, we can not say for sure if Omigran has the ability to put us off the path of recovery,” Javid said.

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Anyone traveling to the UK from a country not on the red list, from 4am local time on Tuesday, must show evidence of a negative PCR test, whether vaccinated or not, or show a parallel flow test taken 48 hours prior to departure. UK

Javed said the new measures, including a 2-day PCR test for each passenger and isolation until a negative result is reached, would be reviewed next week.

Experts say concerns are growing that Omigron will spread faster than the Delta variant currently dominating the UK.

Paul Hunter, a professor at the School of Medicine in East Anglia, said there were early signs that the Omigran variant was “probably spreading very fast.”

“The competition for Delta will start and in the next few weeks or at least a month it will become a dominant alternative,” he told the BBC.