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The British Public Service Bill was criticized in relation to settlements

The Center for International Justice for Palestinians on Monday promised to challenge the law on public service and judicial offices, which will be submitted to the British House of Lords next Wednesday, explaining that the law allows further encroachment on occupied Palestinian territories. Supports illegal Israeli settlements.

The Center for International Justice for Palestinians has confirmed Monday that the British House of Lords will vote next Monday on a draft law on public service pensions and judicial offices.

The center said Press release I saw it “Arabic 21”, The passage of the bill would allow government ministers to issue directives that would prevent the public sector pension schemes from pursuing the policy-driven waiver and exclusionary policies.

The center promised that it could be used for more crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories, support illegal immigration into occupied Palestinian territory through direct legal procedures, and challenge the law of the Public Service and Judicial Offices. To report.

He also stressed his intention to protect public funds from being used for short-term political interests, which are contrary to the UK’s well – established legal obligations to suppress violations of international law.

“This bill violates the UK’s international legal obligations to prevent international crime, to suppress the use of criminal proceeds, and to prevent money laundering by the UK financial system,” the International Center explained.

While emphasizing that the UK has an obligation to prevent the use of public funds to increase crime in the UK and abroad, he noted that “failure to do so would violate its international and domestic legal obligations.”

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The Centre’s report points out that the British government clearly recognizes that Israeli occupation of occupied Palestinian territories and the construction of Israeli settlements is an act in violation of international law.

The report points out that investing in illegal settlements or companies operating in the occupied Palestinian territory contradicts the UK Government’s commitment to curb the proceeds of criminal activities available through the UK.

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The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in a statement that if the bill had been passed in the 1980s, communities in South Africa would have been prevented from withdrawing or boycotting businesses caught up in or benefiting from racist injustices.

The statement added that the Conservative government has expressed interest in withdrawing investment from businesses in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine and to impose sanctions to prevent Russia from aggressively or violating international law.

“It is surprising that the same government introduced a bill restricting the ability of local communities to withdraw from positions that the Conservative government considers to be contrary to international law … it is clear that this is a double standard.”

Meanwhile, Crispin Blunt, a British Member of Parliament and director of the Center for International Justice for Palestinians, said: “The policy of the British government, without any state restrictions, now seems utterly hypocritical among Israelis who have occupied, occupied and occupied Palestinian lands. Is now triggered by this vicious act of obstructing the activities of the community.

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In addition, the International Criminal Court believes that “the BDS movement has exposed its complicity in Israeli violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

For his part, al-Tayeb Ali, director of the International Center for Justice and Justice, said: “The BDS movement has worked hard to highlight illegal Israeli activities in the occupied Palestinian territories and to organize intense campaigns against the use of civilians and to finance crime.

“This work is important, especially when our government is misrepresenting policies that act against the legal obligations of the UK or have the political will to act in the interests of the British people.”