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سفينة بحثية بريطانية تصل إلى كندا ضمن التزام لندن تجاه القطب الشمالي

The British research ship arrived in Canada as part of London’s commitment to the Pole

07:01 PM

Thursday 09 June 2022

London – (AA):

A British ship arrived in Montreal, Canada today, Thursday, as part of the UK’s commitment to the Arctic.

The British government says in a statement on its website that it is shipping researchers and academics from both the UK and Canada to collaborate on important issues in the fields of science and technology, security and global security.

The report pointed out that it was a British patrol vessel dedicated to ice, and the Royal Navy’s only ice-breaking vessel, equipped with the latest scientific equipment to support British and foreign research institutes, and that it was operating normally. In the Antarctic Ocean, but this is my first time traveling to Canada.

The ship’s captain, Millie Engham, said the ship was an important landmark of the Royal Navy’s worldwide; This allows the UK to access the North and South Poles for research and security purposes, and the visit is another step towards working more closely with Canadian allies who play a key role in maintaining stability in the region.

The UK and Canada have sponsored scientific research projects worth 65 million over the past five years.

The British Armed Forces Minister James Hebei said: “We have a long and important relationship with Canada, including military alliances, training and exchange of experience. A place for change and security. “

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