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The British swindler Aklum was deported to Spain

Elaf from London: Britain has handed over Spain’s worst fraudster, Marc Acuman, who escaped from one of its prisons in 2016 amid a three – year fraud sentence.

Aklam was arrested in Britain and escaped from a Spanish prison and imprisoned.

Aklam was extradited to Britain in 2019, where he was arrested and jailed by Swiss authorities on charges of love fraud against divorced woman Caroline Woods, who stole 350 350,000.

A woman cheats

The fraudster, Woods, disguised as a millionaire Swiss banker and MI6 agent, promised to marry her, but took her money and disappeared.

And (Sky News), Aklam said Ms Woods had spent two years in prison, five years and eight months for fraud, and she was released on license last month.

Shortly after his release, the channel said he had been secretly transferred to Madrid after agreeing to be deported and that his release in the United Kingdom should have lasted more than two years, during which time he should have acted and maintained regular contact with the probation officer, and not going abroad without permission.

Likely to return

The British Ministry of Justice said the 48-year-old was allowed to enjoy a period of British licenses to serve the new Spanish sentence, which would last until October on the Justice Officer Network (Sky News) in Murcia, Spain. 2023.

And if he is released in Spain before the end of his license in the UK, British officials expect the Spaniards to take him back to England.

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But if Spain refuses to release him, England may demand his deportation, but there is no precedent for such action, as he may stay in Spain, where his Spanish wife lives with her two daughters.

A British judge has ordered Aklam to enforce strict anti-crime rules for five years, disclose his income, savings, assets and business transactions, close foreign bank accounts, stop using false names and report to police where he resides.

The look chases

In his absence and even in Spanish prison, UK police are still hunting for Akal’s property, although the Bristol criminal trial was adjourned to the day he was handed over.

Aklam is now in prison in Madrid, where he will have to complete the remainder of his sentence in 2015 by defrauding two Spanish brothers and paying 200,000 as a deposit in two apartments he allegedly owns in London.

His Spanish victims’ lawyer, Miguel Bouquet, is a fraudulent partner of Aklam, who was jailed in 2015, who has already paid for some of the money he stole, and hopes to get a lot more from Aklum.