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The British woman completed 100 marathons in 100 days

The British woman completed 100 marathons in 100 days

Many people try to do strange and important things to get a place in the famous Guinness Book of Records or to break the record in their hobby.

But the British athlete completed 100 marathons in 100 days, constantly breaking the world record for the longest distance covered in 26 miles, according to the British Mirror.

35-year-old Kate Jaden challenged that she would finish the 2,620-mile challenge in just three months, and the current record for consecutive marathons is 95 races in 95 days, but Kate won the record earlier this month. 96th day.

While setting a world record is an incredible achievement, it was not the main goal of Gate, who first began trekking the UK-Syria distance in an effort to raise awareness of the perilous journey that hundreds of refugees make every day.

The voyage between Aleppo and Dover in northern Syria was the most common route for immigrants to Britain, about 2,569 miles long, and Kate used her talent as a bear athlete to raise funds for the Refugee Council and ask people to run for her. In all ways.

After a long walk, Kate realized how close the 100-marathon was, and at the same time decided that she would try to break the world record. “Every year I try to do something unusual to raise money for charity,” Kate said. .

“I had already planned to go from Aleppo to Dover to talk to people about refugees and what they were doing, and then I realized how close I was to running a 100 marathon. I’m amazed at what I have achieved. It is now,” he added.

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In addition, Kate applied to have her name registered as the largest number of owners Marathons In the Guinness Book of Records, American sprinter Alyssa Clark currently holds the record for the most consecutive 95 marathons in 95 days.

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