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عاصمة "النور" تغرق فى الظلام.. انقطاع الكهرباء عن عدة أحياء فى باريس.. فيديو

The capital of “light” is plunged into darkness. Electricity is cut off in several neighborhoods in Paris. Video

Electricity was cut off in several neighborhoods in the south of the French capital, Paris, which plunged it into darkness, and the outage lasted about forty-five minutes, and was caused by a technical defect in one of the power transformers of the Enidis company, and this outage comes amid fears of the impact of the energy crisis on the infrastructure in The countries experiencing the first cold wave this winter, according to France 24.

A power outage plunged several neighborhoods in southern Paris into darkness, and the French company, RTE, which operates the electricity network, linked the outage to a technical defect in one of the electrical transformers of the Enidis Electric Power Company.

A number of social media pioneers shared videos of power outages in several neighborhoods in France.

This comes amid fears that power outages could paralyze infrastructure in France, which is experiencing the first cold snap of the winter, and the ability of the power grid to withstand.

The administration of the Ile-de-France region, which includes the city of Paris, said in RTE on Twitter that many streets in the three, four and five districts of Paris were affected by a power outage around 10:15 pm (2115 GMT) and electricity was restored around At 11:00 pm.

The administration stated that about 125,000 families were affected by the power outage, and a spokeswoman for Enidis told Reuters that a fault in the transformer had caused the interruption of one of the high-voltage lines.

And the government ministers warned of future cases of power outages in the event of a gap between supply and demand, which they said would not last more than two hours and would notify them before they occurred.

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State-owned EDF, Enidis’ parent company, is racing to get nuclear reactors affected by rust problems back online.