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Doručení balíku

The carrier is not responsible for the shipment. What to do if it arrived damaged

If you order goods from the Internet and transportation is provided by the seller, he will be responsible for their condition, until you receive them from the carrier. Therefore, if it is damaged on the way to you, it remains the responsibility of the seller and not the shipping company.

Obviously, damaged parcels should not be seized. Upon receipt, the customer signs his receipt undamaged, warns the consumer organization dTest.

Even a flawless package at first glance does not guarantee what the goods hidden in it will look like. If you open the box at home and find that the product has arrived broken, you must inform the seller as soon as possible so that he can claim compensation from the carrier.

“Otherwise, you risk being partly liable for damage caused to the seller by your inaction,” says Eduarda Hexova, Director of dTest. It is advisable to photograph the shipment, whether you have proof. Some people even take videos when unpacking luggage.

What about the complaint?

If you receive damaged goods, you have the right to file a complaint with the seller. However, he does not have to return your money, he may insist that the goods be repaired or exchanged for another one. If this is not possible, you can claim your money back.

It may take up to 30 calendar days to process a complaint. However, if you arrange the transportation yourself independently of the seller, you cannot file a complaint. Hexova explains: “In such a situation, the seller is responsible for the goods only until they are handed over for transportation. Complaints about defective delivery must be resolved with the carrier, just as if you were sending the parcel yourself.”

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The same applies in the case of withdrawal from the contract. In the case of a purchase through the online store, the person is entitled to receive it within 14 days without giving reasons. However, they must not be perishable items, measured or prohibited for health reasons.

Shopping outside the online store

Nowadays, online shopping from a natural person in many virtual marketplaces has become very popular. If you’re selling something this way, make sure the merchandise is well packed, especially if it’s fragile.

If it is not filled out correctly, the fact that you paid for the transport in the “fragile” situation will not help you to claim compensation. Likewise, your insurance may not be valid.

If the shipment that you sent to the buyer is damaged in transit, you must claim it within the period specified by the carrier. This is usually only a few days.

“If the carrier does not satisfy the complaint to your satisfaction, that is, you are satisfied that you have packed the goods correctly, or for example you do not agree with the amount of damages, you can contact the Czech Communications Office, which is responsible for supervising the postal services,” Hechova advises. However, you must do so within one month of receiving the complaint or the day it was supposed to be settled.