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The castle park in Blanco is decorated with maxi chess.  Sculpture workshops continue over the weekend

The castle park in Blanco is decorated with maxi chess. Sculpture workshops continue over the weekend

It continues on Saturdays and Sundays. “Over the weekend we organize a sculpture workshop in the park for families with children. Additional magnified chess pieces will be made. Chainsaws and wood only replace other materials and techniques. Polystyrene, water, plaster,” said Petra Shernokov on behalf of the Art-Dep Art Center.

On Saturday, the children’s workshop starts at ten in the morning and ends at four in the afternoon. It is Sunday from ten to twelve o’clock. The exhibition of prepared chess pieces begins at three o’clock. A chess master who takes care of the children will also come to the show. The Royal Game will be played on the giant chess board by well-known fairy tale characters Pat and Matt. “At four o’clock on Sunday afternoon, the event will close with an auction of prepared chess pieces. The proceeds will be donated to the Blanco Regional Charitable Trust. She will use them to buy a car for shelter Petani. People with disabilities will see a doctor or culture, for example,” said Žerníčková.

The chess pieces carved by the sculptors on Thursdays and Fridays are made of oak and ash wood from the Dobravis sawdust plant. According to Libor Bordeaux, a sculptor and artist from Tolne Lotta, the king and queen’s largest figures are more than two meters high. “We also invited the artistic black Antonon Jurassic. The sculptures with his metal ornaments, which he created directly on the spot in the park, took on a different dimension. It was a beautiful combination of wood and metal. The sculptures are strong, but at the same time soft,” Bardot said.

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