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The child will not be tested?  Absence with an excuse, explains the Ministry of Education

The child will not be tested? Absence with an excuse, explains the Ministry of Education

Starting Monday, children from the first stage of elementary school and preschool will return to the seats, that is, those who have had compulsory last year from kindergarten. In the first stage, there will be rotating education, with children taking turns in distance learning and school after a week.

Schoolchildren will have to test twice a week with non-invasive self-tests for COVID-19. Tests are also planned in kindergarten.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has now expanded antigen testing methods to include schools in the new specifications, which are gradually selected by the Government Materials Reserves Department in the competition. So far, the tests have to be from the front of the nose, but now it is also from the oral cavity, from the back of the oral cavity, from stool or mucus.

The school does not have to provide distance education, rather it must support it

The principal of B-English Private Primary School and Kindergarten in Kralovey Dvir Barbora Novotna has been interested for several weeks – and remains interested – what it would be like with the legality of prohibiting a student’s personal presence in full-time teaching without antigen tests. So, in February, I wrote an open letter to the Minister of Education, Robert Plage (Yes).

The same question was sent to the Ministry of Education by Novinky. “A child, pupil, or student cannot be compelled to take part in the test – it cannot be penalized in any way,” said Anita Lednova, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

According to her, the consequence of not participating in the test is the impossibility of participating in full-time education. “Then the school then moves on similarly to a normal absence. If a student does not participate in full-time education due to not participating in the test, the school will record the absence as excused. In this excused absence, the school is not obligated to provide him / her with the distance education method according to the law. Nevertheless, it is pertinent for her to offer him an appropriate form of study support: sending out weekly plans, and the opportunity to join some classes online, using one-on-one counseling, ”Lednova.

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This reaction did not satisfy the aforementioned headmaster.

“When I asked Minister Blaja in February for an answer to a question about the legal basis for denying access to a full-time education to a student whose legal representative refuses to test, I did not expect to get an answer yet. The actions of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports arouse mistrust and I do not like the role of School Principal. Every parent has the right not to approve the test, just like the right to education for every student. No school principal or employee is permitted to inspect, punish, or enforce compliance with the established procedures issued by the Ministry of Health, “the school principal says in her current response On Novinki.

Principal of B-English Primary School and Kindergarten Barbora Novotná

Photo: Archive B. Novotna

“It is not possible to deny a child a full-time personal presence in teaching, or justify absence and assign homework at home on the grounds that the legal representatives do not agree to the test – or is it?” Novotná asks, adding that there are also concerns about both possible absenteeism and the fact that schools may be the target of criminal reports by legal representatives due to covid tests.

The governor will undergo polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests

Central Bohemian Governor Petra Bikova (STAN) is not enthusiastic about the current situation either. She also prefers PCR tests based on the regional study, which takes longer to evaluate (we will not discover results on the spot after a while)

Central Bohemian Governor Petra Bikova (Stan)

Photo: Kateřina Šulová, ČTK

If the child does not graduate, we exclude him from teaching. The state can do that. But we cannot guarantee that he can remove members of the House of Representatives Marianne Bojek and Lubomir Volney from serving in the House of Representatives, who refuse to take the test and wear the veil. And the state has completely surrendered to educating children and students, who are the future of this nation. “

Managers: Organizing a comeback is challenging but manageable

In any case, according to primary school principals in Prague, organizing children’s return to school from Monday is manageable, even if it takes a lot. Schools were instructed to operate by the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.

According to Michel Cerny, the head of the Association of Primary School Directors and the principal of the Masaryk Primary School in Klanovice, Prague, the recommendations of the ministry are possible. But he said it would be better if the schools had more time to prepare.

President of the Association of Primary School Principals in the Czech Republic, Michel CERN

Photo: Jan Handreijsch, Lou

According to its principal Petr Vodslona, ​​the primary school inter-school in Prague 13 has almost everything ready for Mondays. It is expected that the most difficult thing will be the regulation of the presence of parents in testing the children.

However, unlike other schools in the Czech Republic, schools will not open their doors on Mondays in the Děčín region. On Friday, the Ministry of Health decided that, in light of the epidemiological situation in the directorate.

“The students will return to school offices in a week,” said Lenka Semenkova, director of the regional hygiene station in the Usti region.

All schools have been closed due to the pandemic since March 1, except for schools for children of health professionals and some other professions. Starting Monday, the restrictions on attendance in kindergarten for pre-school will not apply to these children, as well as the weekly rotation of teaching in elementary school at school and at home.

In the week students should get the distance learning, they will be able to stay in the school group all day.