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The closest symbol appeared 15 years ago.  Shone on the inside and tore on the outside

The closest symbol appeared 15 years ago. Shone on the inside and tore on the outside

Romer Design Code Design
| picture: Cars code

Due to the MPV class with variable interior, but inconsistent design, among other things, it made the appearance of the introduction of the Fabia generation. Given the degree of popularity of the MPV’s younger successors, Roomster has not succeeded in its practical interior design.

The last room rolled off the production line in Kvassini on April 30, 2015, and the total number of manufactured parts did not exceed half a million.

Probably the most important codec in history first received a major response as a concept in the fall of 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The unconventional model, frc on the mnn waves of small MPVs, was a big eye for the audience, when it presented itself as a srie. The modified design attracted the girls to go for more, as most users did not allow for great driving characteristics and the pleasant use of space in the form of Fabia Wagon cars that did not offer many competitors.

Practical and reliable

Roomster like used

Some drank the MPV taste of Mlada Boleslav, others stubbornly refuse it. Point out the inconsistent design. But things are very important. Netypick design pin prugs in ergonomics. The driving characteristics are great. tte dle

A car that, by its original design, hides a testament to the cleverness and skill of the manuscript: the Roomster was a hybrid architecture that came entirely from the Fabia (front body, engines, and front axle), but the rear benefits of a cabin deck sleeper to overhaul the first-generation octave. This gave the car driving stability, but families appreciated the sliding and removable rear seats and the large luggage compartment. Plus, it was actually a cheap warehouse of group debt.

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Roomster was also produced in practical Praktik variants, and years later it offered a replacement for the popular Felicia Pickup. Like the other codecs, there was also a plastic-wrapped version of the Scout, but without these wheels’ drive.

The Roomster’s first generation was to be replaced by a generation associated with Volkswagen Caddy, after it fell into production-packed diecast bags. Project canceled at the last minute, Roomster type of generation with premiere full of boredom, printed catalogs and first verification streak created (Tte details here).

The original Roomster was created under the direction of Thomas Ingenlath at the time that Dettlef Wittig was driving the automaker. This is perhaps the most important codec. Meanwhile, Roomster, with its concept of VW Group’s architecture platforms, fully demonstrated the philosophy of the time. Find out more in our current 30-year debt series in the VW lineup dedicated to the first Wittig, Ingenlath and Roomster with Yeti (Tt here).