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The completion of a draft of a new project for the internal pilgrims system.. These are the penalties for violators

The completion of a draft of a new project for the internal pilgrims system.. These are the penalties for violators

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj has finished preparing a draft A new project for the internal pilgrims systemWhich consists of 23 articles and aims to organize and structure the services provided to pilgrims, and work to develop them so as to enable the pilgrims to perform the Hajj with ease, raise the level of competencies of workers in the field of service for domestic pilgrims, follow up the performance of service providers and enhance the principle of competition in providing service in accordance with the approved mechanisms.

The project materials indicated the necessity of obtaining a license to practice the activity from the ministry, and that the practice be on a competitive basis, and the controls to achieve competitiveness between the ministry and the authority are determined, and that the service provider practice the activity himself, and the service may be provided through alliances between those licensed to practice the activity in accordance with the standards and controls set by it The ministry will prepare the conditions, requirements, and procedures for qualifying and licensing companies and institutions, specifying the duration of the license, the degree of classification, terms of renewal, cases of cancellation, amendment procedures and fees for that, according to sources for the Saudi newspaper, “Okaz”.

According to the system, the service provider is obligated to contract through the platform approved by the ministry, which includes service levels, time periods for their provision, prices for each level, services provided for each service level, service provider data, and the contracting mechanism between pilgrims and the service provider, according to the qualitative and quantitative classification approved by the ministry. Provided that the executive regulations specify the mechanism for excluding the service provider from contracting through the electronic platform and the conditions required for that.

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And it obligated the service provider to provide services according to the qualitative and quantitative classification approved by the ministry, and according to the level of service agreed upon with the pilgrim, to provide insurance for the service and guarantees according to the announced dates, and to pay the fees of the sites designated for him in the holy sites according to the dates notified to him by the competent department in the ministry and to abide by the instructions notified to him by the ministry. Commitment to the commitments and agreements prepared and approved by the Ministry related to service levels.

The new project prohibits the service provider from contracting with those wishing to perform Hajj from outside the Kingdom, or providing the service to them without the approval of the Ministry, or enabling others to use the license granted to him, or to sell, rent or subcontract it without obtaining the approval of the Ministry or contracting with any pilgrim from outside the platform. Electronic cases, except for the cases and the mechanism specified by the executive regulations as stated in paragraph (2) of (Article Six) and contracting with violators of the residency system.

The articles of the project specified that without prejudice to any more severe penalty prescribed by law, the Committee shall penalize the service provider when violating the provisions of this system and its executive regulations and the decisions issued for its implementation, with one or more penalties, including a fine not exceeding 500 thousand riyals, suspension from practicing the service of domestic pilgrims season or more, or cancel the license.

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The ministry implements the stipulated penalties in the event that the minister approves the committee’s decision, and the person against whom the decision was issued has the right to appeal to the administrative court.