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The “conch” of natural science .. “the cleverness” of particle physics - Saudi News

The “conch” of natural science .. “the cleverness” of particle physics – Saudi News


The banks of the sea of ​​the bride «Jeddah»

I came to life as a Saudi scientist

The world is filled with physical research

Experimental and astronomical..Medical and nuclear


I grew up in a religious family

Tracked and explained cosmic phenomena

When supporting her husband and brother

She achieved her goal and longed for her desire

And when…

I got seven college degrees

She spoke in English and French

Analyze and interpret physical data

Prominent scholars of the world..


Physicist Dr.

Ibtisam Said Badris

Scientist and Associate Research Professor

nuclear science research institute

for nanotechnology

King Abdulaziz City for Science


I fell in love with physics

She made time an oyster for her discoveries

As for particle physics, it looks like

Smooth and captivating when you explain it

And in..

Her way to transcend her majestic dreams

The soul is deep as a waterfall

She turned to pick the fruits

And grab the treasures of the pearls of Najaba

Tends ..

She wanted to light up her global hopes

She painted her way brightly

To produce its programs for the physical community

International Energy Physics.



Knowledge advance and its global prominence

Chosen by the Women’s Physics Committee

Porsche shared her scientific work

In the American city of Savannah

And with..

Organization of the American Physical Society

The first non-American scientist

Receives “Physicist of the Month” award

And judging by its international conference 2014

And with..

CERN, a nuclear research organization

The first Saudi woman to get her membership

And Saudi Arabia is the only one to participate in the greatest

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An experiment that simulates the origin of the universe.


thats it..

High scientific acumen physicist

Discuss, study, analyze and analyze

Which has become a model

For the people of a country that looks forward to the future.