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The confrontations between England and Germany are the source of football excitement

The confrontations between England and Germany are the source of football excitement

Berlin (DPA)

The confrontations between the English and German national football teams have a great and rich history that is found only in a few confrontations between other teams.

A controversial goal at Wembley, two penalty shootout epics, and a missed goal at Bloemfontein were just some of the highlights of England and Germany’s matches in history.

So far, history has witnessed 36 confrontations between the two teams, 16 of which the England team won, compared to 13 victories for Germany and seven draws.

But the superiority remains for Germany in the confrontations between the two teams in the major tournaments, before their new confrontation expected next Tuesday at Wembley Stadium in the round of sixteen of the current European Nations Cup (Euro 2020).

In the World Cup final on July 30, 1966 in England, England beat West Germany 4/2 after extra time.

Did you enter the ball or not? The result was a 2/2 draw in extra time, when Geoff Hurst’s shot hit the crossbar and then the floor at Wembley Stadium, and the Soviet flag referee Tofik Bakhramov awarded it a goal, while many now believe that it should not have been counted, and that the ball did not cross the goal line, But this was not a major crisis for the Germans at the time.

German football legend Franz Beckenbauer said: ‘After the match, we became so seasoned in the changing room that we didn’t discuss the goal much.

World Cup quarter-finals June 14, 1970: West Germany beat England 3/2 after extra time, amid the sweltering heat in the Mexican city of Leon, England lead 2-0 within the first 50 minutes of the match, before Beckenbauer revived hopes The Germans with a goal that blamed the English goalkeeper Peter Bonetti.

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“It was the worst moment of my life,” Bonetti said. I had to stand up to her.

Then, Uwe Zeller scored the equalizer for Germany with a goal from an acrobatic movement, while the legend Gerd Muller grabbed the victory for the Germans in extra time with a valuable goal.

In the World Cup semi-finals on the 4th of July 1990: West Germany beat England 4/3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in regular and overtime.

Dramatic shootouts dominated the atmosphere in Turin, where Andreas Brehme, Lothar Matthaus, Karl-Heinz Riedel and Olaf Thun scored four penalties for Germany. With a high ball from his team’s fifth penalty shootout.

Brehme said: It was the best match in the World Cup, and four days later, Brehme led his team to the World Cup title a few months before the two Germans united. In the European Nations Cup semi-finals on June 26, 1996, Germany beat England 6/5 on penalties after they tied 1/1 in regular and overtime.

This time, holding the tournament in his home at Wembley Stadium was not a good omen for the England team, and Alan Shearer scored a very early goal for the England team in the third minute, but Stefan Kekuntz equalized for Germany in the 16th minute, and the tie between the two teams remained for the remainder of the time original and then in overtime.

The two teams went to penalty kicks, and Gareth Southgate, the current England coach, was the only one who missed the penalty kick in this match, as he shot weak and was saved by German goalkeeper Anders Kopke, who is currently training the German goalkeepers.

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“I’ve spent two decades thinking about this incident,” Southgate said. After this match, the German national team completed its way to the podium of the European title. In the World Cup round of 16 on June 27, 2010, Germany beat England 4-1.

England defeated Germany 1-0 in the group stage of the European Nations Cup “Euro 2000”, before the German team avenged itself through the World Cup qualifiers by winning at Wembley.

The England team responded by defeating its German counterpart 5/1 in Munich, but the Germans quickly regained their laughter, as the team beat England 4/1 in the World Cup round of 16 in a match in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and witnessed two goals by German Thomas Muller.

And when the German team was ahead 2-1, the referee did not award a correct goal to Englishman Frank Lampard, claiming that the ball did not cross the goal line.