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The contractors reveal the fate of Al-Jaziri to continue with Zamalek

The contractors reveal the fate of Al-Jaziri to continue with Zamalek

Mohamed Adel, the football supervisor at the Arab Contractors Club, confirmed that Tunisian Seif Al-Jaziri will continue with Zamalek until the end of the season.

And he added, in a telephone interview to the “Al-Match” program, presented by Hani Hathout on “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “The final purchase clause in the Zamalek loan contract for Tunisian Saif Al-Jaziri stipulates the right of the white team to include him, provided that he becomes a player for the wolves in the event that he does not want to activate it.”

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He continued, “Zamalek has the right to permanently include Saif Al-Jaziri at any time, and when he informs us that he does not want him, the player will be at our disposal, especially since the Zamalek loan contract for the Tunisian player includes the eligibility clause, and the loan amount was paid, as well as the final purchase amount.”

He concluded: “Saif Al-Jaziri is the player of Zamalek at the present time, not the Arab contractors, and we will not talk about any offers related to the player until after Zamalek announces its desire for him.”

On the other hand, French Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team at Zamalek club, held a session with the team’s players on the sidelines of the team’s final training yesterday evening, Monday in Ain Sukhna, in preparation for the Egypt clearing meeting scheduled at seven in the evening, Tuesday, at the new Suez Stadium in the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup. .

The Zamalek coach was keen to ask the players to focus on the match in order to win and qualify for the fourth round of the tournament, stressing his confidence in the players’ abilities to achieve the desired goal of the match.

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Carteron called on the players to take advantage of the opportunities that will be available to them in order to score, and explained some technical matters to be implemented during the training and applied in the next match in front of the clearing.

The committee in charge of managing Zamalek Club headed by Hussein Labib sent the first installment of the dues of the assistant coach, Christian Gross, the former coach of the first football team in Zamalek Club.

It is noteworthy that Gross’ assistant filed a complaint against Zamalek in “FIFA”, during which he requested $85,000, and the ruling was in his favour.

And by communicating with the former Swiss coach assistant and agreeing to resolve the crisis amicably, the coach will receive only $49,000, divided into 3 installments, and the first installment was sent.

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