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The "COP 27" summit comes at a critical time of rising temperatures

The “COP 27” summit comes at a critical time of rising temperatures

The British website Kentonline stressed the importance of the COP27 climate summit, which will be held next November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, and the summit comes at a very important time, especially with rising temperatures and many other announcements. Countries in the world in emergency due to climate and heat changes.

And the British website said in a statement that the Sharm el-Sheikh summit last week proved particularly important in light of extreme temperatures in many countries around the world, and severe forest fires, thunderstorm warnings, and the possibility of flash floods, the need to address climate challenges and climate change. There is great hope in “COP27” to make decisions and decisions that will govern the countries of the world.

The report pointed out that scientists and climatologists insist that the current temperature rise in many countries around the world, led by Britain, are warning sirens signaling that our planet is in trouble.

Cup 27

Cup 26 in Glasgow

Last year in Glasgow, during COP 26 of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, world leaders sat around a table and agreed on how to reduce harmful emissions and control greenhouse gases that slow global warming, “Kentenline” explained.

The site added, “COP 27” is an excellent and important opportunity to shed more light on the agreements that world leaders can implement in dealing with climate challenges, especially as the United Kingdom is prone to ever-higher temperatures and fires. The United States is in the midst of a record heat wave, with powerful hurricanes and severe flooding from parts of the country, from Europe.

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Cup 27 in Sharm El Sheikh

British report, COP27 summit is one of the biggest summits in the world, where the leaders and representatives of more than 100 countries will gather for about two weeks in a series of talks, conferences, presentations and exchanges to reach a comprehensive agreement. The world can work together to prevent damage to the universe.

“Leaders have made significant progress on the actions and targets needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but may have failed to take the tough and decisive action now needed to slow the pace of the planet’s warming,” he added.

The site pointed out that experts have confirmed that temperatures will continue to rise as long as greenhouse gas emissions continue.