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The corona virus in Denmark is suspended in AstraZeneca until mid-April. In the United States, vaccine data is updated: “76% effective”


EPA / HENNING BAGGER DENMARK OUT | Alborg University researchers study and monitor corona virus types

Denmark extends stoppage at AstraZeneca until April 18

Denmark extends AstraZeneca vaccine administration for 3 more weeks (at least) April 18), Despite the green light of the EMA. The decision was “based on side effects,” he said Thanja Erichen Danish Pharmaceuticals Agency. “I would like to emphasize that I am not talking about normal blood clots – he continues -. It cannot be ruled out that there is a link between the anti-Govt vaccine and the very rare cases of thrombosis.

United States

EPA / RUNGROJ YONGRIT | Vial of Astrogenogen Corona virus vaccine

AstraZeneca confirms the high efficacy of the Govit-19 vaccine

AstraZeneca has released more updated data on the effectiveness of the corona virus vaccine, following a recent controversy in the United States where FDA experts complained that they had received outdated results from a test conducted in the United States. Second Last note With AstraZeneca, the Govit-19 vaccine is 76% effective in fighting disease and 100% in preventing severe infections. Based on these results, the pharmaceutical company would like to continue the application for accreditation for the urgent use of the vaccine in the United States, considering the high efficacy against this disease in adults and over 65 years of age.

Previous data on March 22 by the company al Data Security Monitoring Committee Recorded a slightly higher efficacy, i.e. 79% against the disease. That number was the result of trials of 30,000 volunteers in the United States, Chile and Peru, although it was not until February 17 that further controversy over the vaccine erupted after suspicious deaths in Europe, which was later clarified by the EMA.

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EPA / Joedson Alves | New Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero

Brazil’s new health minister is targeting 1 million vaccinated people a day

The new Brazilian health minister, cardiologist Marcelo Guerrero, is being offered with ambitious promise that he will hold the post under General Eduardo Pascuello after the resignation of Jair Bolsanaro. Kuroka has promised to “vaccinate one million people a day against Govt-19” and already aims to vaccinate 500,000 people daily “in the short term”. The Brazilian vaccine campaign is currently running at a dose of 300,000 doses a day, but according to the new health minister, it is “a credible goal to triple the number of daily vaccines”.

Kuroka takes office amid a severe epidemic in Brazil, where a new death toll has peaked, with more than 3,000 in a single day, bringing the total to over 300,000: “This is a serious situation – Guerrero said at its first conference. Press – it needs everyone’s attention.” The change, of course, was pushed by President Bolsanaro, although during a short televised speech he competed in several cities, announcing that he would vaccinate all Brazilians by the end of this year.

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