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The court will announce how it ruled the measure that closed shops and restaurants

An exceptional measure by the Ministry of Health, which a court decides to revoke, was ratified by the government on April 6. At its foundation, the audience presence was in most retail stores, restaurants, operating services, and indoor sports facilities.

Until April 11, these establishments are closed for storage during the emergency. The bag expired in the Czech Republic after April 12 a year later. The government had to pass a new procedure to develop a bill to combat epidemics and a bill to protect public health. These laws have two powers, for example, they must not declare non-destruction or corruption between departments.

Health Minister Peter Arnberger got into the fray for the first time after his inauguration with the elderly and the public. And they criticized that even after the state of emergency ended, he decided to keep the destruction in public places for groups of more than two people. At the same time, he acknowledged that the pandemic has no such powers. Later, he turned the bag over and decided to keep it.

We have consulted the whole issue with a number of elements and have many opinions. Let’s start with the pandemic account and the other accounts that are exchanged to protect human health. The minister explained that they can issue such certificates.

Six waves of volunteering. The priority for bicycles, bars and theaters will be the last

He added that he assumed that people would act in accordance with the laws so that he would be brought to justice within 14 days. This prompted a number of first steps; this approach of the Minister is deeply regrettable. A few days earlier, promising to preserve and revive the state of the Czech Republic and law, Arrenbergerf summoned volumes since his arrest during his tenure, the first Jan Winter.

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The Czech Republic police issued a statement stating that the law on the epidemic or the law on public health cannot regulate and restrict the free movement of people. Therefore, the policeman opposed the contribution of the Ministry of Health They declared that they could not and would not control freedom of movement and the number of people in public places.