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The crisis will affect industrial buildings. Accolade runs a million meters tverench

Last year, the fund completed acquisitions in Poland, Slovakia and Germany. Due to the planned expansion, a number of existing clients signed new leases to provide space in the fund’s share areas, and new tenants have also drunk.

According to the fund, there are several factors behind this positive development. One of the long-term trends, in the last two years of intense coronavirus epidemics, has been the change in consumer breeding numbers in Europe, which are now buying online. Which increases the interest in the halls of e-commerce and logistics companies. The past year has been very specific in terms of the continued sharp rise in industrial property prices.

The halls are still in great demand and their value is trending upwards. We expect portfolio size to grow dynamically this year as well. Furthermore, the company recognizes that modern logistics and industrial premises are a very necessary prerequisite for the sustainability of European business, said Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade.

Assets worth 27 billion kroner

At present, 22 industrial zones belong to the fund, in which there are 77 tenants. The parks are located in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Slovakia. Its leasable area exceeds 1.1 million square meters. The assets under management are currently valued at 26.6 billion crowns.

Last year, the Polish portfolio expanded to include the Minsk Mazowiecki industrial district, in Slovakia, the trust bought an area near Koike Aviation and the park in Bochum, Germany was added to its ownership. One of the most important contracts concluded was, for example, cooperation with the global logistics company DHL.

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The company has expanded more than 20,000 square meters in the Zelen Hoe complex, which is among the first Polish investment funds. The new building was taken over by logistics company Raben and InPost, a European leader in e-commerce.

According to the company, there is also interest in the logistics space in the Czech Republic. For example, Chibo expanded its garden in the young man last year, and her father since 2016. The total area of ​​​​the Chiba distribution center has now exceeded one hundred thousand square meters.

The key to the fund is the diversification of the tenants and their reliability, ensuring stable returns in the long run. A similar development occurred in 2022, despite the fact that the conflict at the entrance to Europe immediately hit it tragically. However, we will not have a significant impact on the performance of the fund in Ukraine. Kratina outlined that the Accolade Industrial Fund currently has no projects in Ukraine or Russia, either tenants or bank financing.