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The Croats are preparing for the eurozone.  Prices will be shown in kuna and euros

The Croats are preparing for the eurozone. Prices will be shown in kuna and euros

In Croatia, the euro must be paid from January 1 of the next year. At the press conference on Monday, Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovich announced that from September 5 all prices will be displayed not only in Kuna, but also in euros.

“In exactly one year, we will pay in euros only in stores,” the Croatian prime minister said on Monday. According to him, the citizens there should prepare. For this reason, from September 5 all stores will display prices in kuna and euros, according to the Croatian portal.

Plenkovic said that Croatia is entering the eurozone because its economy is closely linked to the rest of Europe. Seventy percent of tourism revenue comes from the member states of the European Union.

The Prime Minister of Croatia said: “We invite citizens who have larger amounts of kuna at home to deposit them in the bank. It will be automatically converted into euros.” Kona will go to the euro in the country for conversion five more years after joining the eurozone.

Croatia’s entry into the eurozone as early as 2023 has yet to be approved by the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. Croatia was accepted into the European Exchange Rate Mechanism II in July 2020. It must be at least two years old before the euro can be adopted.

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