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The curriculum of the fourth grade of primary school develops the spirit of patriotism among students (photo)

The curriculum of the fourth grade of primary school develops the spirit of patriotism among students (photo)

“Al-Dustour” obtained a copy of the curriculum of the fourth grade primary book, which talks about our beloved Egypt and the salutation of science.

The lesson said: Respecting the flag of our country Egypt is a national duty because it is a symbol of the state. Therefore, the articles of the Egyptian Constitution of 2014 affirmed that insulting the Egyptian flag is a crime punishable by law. One of the most important behaviors that express our country’s respect for the flag is standing respectfully while saluting the flag, preserving it and raising it high, and not writing or drawing. It should not be touched on the ground, burned or wet with water.

The curriculum added: The flag salute is accompanied by the national anthem, my country, my country, whose words were composed by the poet Muhammad Yunus and composed by the Egyptian artist Sayed Darwish.

Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, had issued a periodical book on the education system and curricula for the fourth grade of primary school, and within the framework of the Ministry’s keenness on the interest of our students by organizing work and standardizing procedures and due to the many questions that are received by the Ministry.

The periodic book stipulates that the tests of the first and second months of the first semester will be combined together for students of the fourth grade of the primary cycle – this year only – and will be in the course taught during that period and held at the school level, without prejudice to the evaluation system contained in the first paragraph of Article Eight of Ministerial Resolution No. (133) dated 9/21/2021.

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He added: “The end-of-semester test will be held on the specified date, according to the time map, and it will be at the level of the educational administration.”

The instructions contained in the periodic book are applied to all official and official schools in languages, private and private languages, and with regard to national identity materials in schools that teach curricula of a special nature.