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The customs of the strangest tribe on earth.. The women are completely uncovered, the upper half and the lower half of their bodies, and presented by their husbands as gifts to the guests? sexy details

We often hear in myths of tribes and families living apart from the world.

But in the end, legends remain, we will not know if they are real or not, but the story of the “Himba” tribe is 100% real and documented with pictures, to be the strangest tribe you may hear about in your life.

In the northwest of Namibia, the Himba tribe lives outside time and does not know anything about the outside world that revolves around them. Women wake up in the morning under the scorching sun, to begin their search for food

Milk cows, graze sheep and maggies. They are a group of women who live on ruins and do not know anything about clothes, fashion and fashion. All they have to do is raise children, prepare food, and implement the decisions of husbands without discussion or thinking.

Himba women care about their bodies and their hair, and they are keen to manufacture the “red ocher” cream, which is cutting the “hematite” stone into small pieces, mixing it with butter and heating it a little using smoke and placing it on the skin and hair. “Red ocher” distinguishes between men and women.

Himba women live most of the time in the open air in a hot atmosphere and are keen to put this red layer on their skin to resist the scorching sun, in addition to that this substance contributes to keeping the skin clean and moist, and prevents the growth of hair on the body and avoids insect bites.

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One of the most distinctive features of the Himba women is their hairstyle. It is a braid that varies according to their age and shape. They are interested in wearing animal bones in their neck as a kind of ornament. In the morning and evening, these women are keen to manufacture only one basic meal, which is “porridge”.

They heat water, wait when it boils, add cornmeal and oil, and serve food. There are some exceptions in food. They only eat meat on rare occasions such as weddings and sometimes they even eat cow’s milk.

One of the most prominent features of the Himba is that women are not allowed to use water to bathe and do not wear clothes, because the tribe retains the term “primitive,” so the clothes do not mean much to them and their bodies are covered only with a small cowhide skirt, and the upper half remains exposed to suit the hot weather in which they live.

Bathing is replaced by hot steam by placing pieces of burning coals in a small bowl containing leaves and small branches of trees and waiting for the smoke to rise.

The Himba has a population of more than 50 thousand and is a polygamous people, where girls are married off to males, by choosing their fathers as soon as they reach puberty, and not by choosing any of them, as they do not have any decision or opinion, and despite that, they have customs And a strange culture, where when a new visitor arrives, the man presents him with his wife to spend the night with him.

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This is known as “wife gifting to the guest” and in their language it is called “okujibesa omokazendo” while the husband sleeps in another room, and in the absence of a room, the husband sleeps outside the house, believing this movement reduces jealousy and strengthens the relationships between them.