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The Czech language is found in European pizza boxes. But their prosperity is not over yet

There are about five thousand self-service boxes in Esk, one for every 2,140 residents approximately. The image shows boxes from OX Point.
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inOn a city day in traditional shops and self-service boxes, twenty-five-year-old Dan Fendi was born before the pandemic. However, with comprehensive packages and a variety of similar services, this delivery method has become an integral part of online shopping for him.

“It occurred to me that he was so excited to come that day, but with my job I can’t wait for him at home all day. Or maybe I was sweating peppery because I wasn’t there to be protected, even when I was. I even wrote once and got a pension.” My retirement happily, but I prefer to order it so that I can receive it myself and when it suits me,” K.

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