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The Czech Olympian found a hobby in video games, and his love of chess took him to World of Warships

The world of classic sports and video games is becoming more and more intertwined. Proof of this is also the Czech canoe driver Josef Dostal, winner of three Olympic medals. He likes to clear his head next to video games and has found a hobby in World of Warships.

During the day, he works hard to win his dream gold medal at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which begins on July 23. However, he sometimes needs relief from his toil and chooses video games.

“Video games to me are an escape from reality. After hard training, I like to let my body relax and occupy my head at strategy games or chess,” explained the four-time world champion in speed rowing.

It is not a newcomer to video games. “I love games like traditional chess.” The successful athlete said “I’m still a fan of Dota.” However, in the fall, he became interested in a game that combined his favorite sport with his passion for strategy – World of Warships, a game from publisher Wargaming with which he established a collaboration. “I must say it was a reciprocal choice. I like it’s on the water, plus it’s a strategy game. It’s easy to play WOWS, but it’s hard to control the game, “he explained, explaining what sparked his curiosity about the game.

It was World of Warships that chose the Czech Olympic as one of its faces. “At first, we only had short term collaborations, I tried the game while relaxing in boot camps, and then I was blown away. I’ve had a very good program now, but after the Olympics I will meet him more.”

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Until now, he’s been delighting his fans by compiling funny pictures on social networks, but after the Olympics he plans to try out today’s phenomenon: “I’ll definitely be playing online and maybe you can look forward to some broadcast. It’s going to be fun.”

“It was an easy decision for our company whether to collaborate with Joseph, a very famous athlete from the Czech Republic, because we firmly believe that sport plays a positive role in society. Additionally, we were thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to his success in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Georgius Struthos, director of marketing at World of Warships, said.

“Joseph and our players share a passion for navigation and especially the sea. We admire his dedication to fair play, which is something we promote in our game. On behalf of the entire World of Warships team, we hope Joseph will be lucky in his upcoming challenges and we think his country will be proud of him.”

Dostál is not the first athlete to become the face of this game. For example, he will stand alongside the famous Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, as well as actor Steven Seagal. “It’s unbelievable to be a character in a game, I’d like to try something similar. For example, boys and girls from Wargaming will be dazzled when I bring the most expensive pie from Tokyo and I’ll see it too.”

In addition to video games, he now faces one of the biggest challenges of his career as a professional player. At the Tokyo Olympics, he would try to win a gold medal, the only one he still lacks in his collection. “I’ve trained more than ever this year. Since the start of the season, I’ve traveled more than 2,000 kilometers, which is a lot more than in previous seasons. Of course, I don’t have the best level yet, I’ll get it here, maybe, only in the races in Tokyo.”

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In addition, he took preparation sharply, and worked for two months in California, where he recently returned. “I’m so tired, it’s been a long time. We trained a lot, there were also some crises. But I’ll say I’ll be fine.” “I’d like to win a medal there!”