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The Czech Republic, as the country that presides over the European Union, ranks among the worst in European legislation, with more than 90 laws

The Czech Republic, as the country that presides over the European Union, ranks among the worst in European legislation, with more than 90 laws

The Czech Republic, as the country that currently holds the EU presidency, has failed in the long run in the field of European legislation. The state is behind on more than 90 different commitments, including implementing new directives and correcting two errors. In terms of this process, the Czech Republic ranks 22nd, that is, at the bottom of the EU customs. The negative economic impact of a boob can be high. Fines, fines, and subsequent fines, including loss of profit, pending property and collusion loss, range in the tens of billions of crowns. This is derived from an analysis of the international law firm Noerr. She points out that this has the greatest negative impact on Czech society, which then has to take the necessary measures to prevent it. They will be in du msc comp For example, starting a system for reporting fraudulent transactions, re-reading records in the register of real owners, or initiating action, if they are affected by existing law on a known thorn at sea.

The point is not that it lasts too long and the outrage is to go through previous governments, but unfortunately, even the new government takes a long time to fix. With reputable blogs regarding quality and the modern economy, we are used to not paying attention to them, because of the shortcomings in the work of political representatives, there is a huge cost to power, pensions, loss of rights and the complicity of all Czech companies and citizens. Because of their procrastination in the implementation of EU legislation, companies suddenly As Petr Hrn, partner at the international law firm Noerr.

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In the near future, companies will have to adapt to the new rules, among other things, in cases where the true owners are revealed. compIt is prohibited to defame a particular brand in the sale of foodstuffs and agricultural products and in whistleblowing, i.e. the so-called whistleblower. If these rules are not correct firm Introduction, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact, and not only for the specific company involved. But now there is a complete lack of access to carry out these basic things of fire and equipment, which is not helping anyone, Peter Hearn explains.

Being really mandatory real owner profile comp It is only one year old for public records. Many companies have completed it after administrative procedures and registration of the real owner according to the new rules. However, the European Commission found that the rules in Czech law conflict with the European directive. Therefore the Czech law must be amended and many companies have a similar registration process as in the Czech Republic, linked to the working hours they can allocate to their business. Peter Hearn adds.

Even the changes are dramatic to corporate operations. If the company has a turnover of more than 50 million kroner and buys some food and agricultural products, it will have to check in these stores whether its resource is not restricted according to the new rules The law is a prominent thorn in the side. Until then, this law only applied to the largest food companies, and now it can affect almost every company. And not following the rules, as usual, will hurt me financially here. Compliance with these rules includes, for example, compliance with preliminary and written contracts with the supplier, the maximum maturity period for invoices and many other rules and regulations regarding existing labor relations, which are not easy to navigate without assistance.

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On the last point, Corruption DetectorTalk to her for a long time in different contexts. In short, it is a duty to have a system in place in every company and organization, how to open the door to employees and alert them anonymously to the first violation. Soon, as a result of the implementation of the EU directive, this obligation falls to Czech companies as well, and the bill is in the legislative process. By the middle of the fifth year, all companies with more than 50 employees will have to start an internal reporting system, and it can only be recommended that companies take such a precautionary measure that employees suspect and use this system instead of anonymous reporting. For employers, police and police. But for the state service in particular, the mandatory salary has been set under the directive since mid-December last year, and it is difficult to effectively use the reporting system even in light of the current cases covered by the media, Peter Hearn concluded.

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