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The Czech Republic ranks first in investing in bitcoin.  It is the first in the world in terms of per capita income

The Czech Republic ranks first in investing in bitcoin. It is the first in the world in terms of per capita income

The Czech Republic is the second best bitcoin trader after France, according to studies Invezz Investment Company. CZK is the first in a partial evaluation comparing the earnings of Bitcoin trading per capita at $61 (about 1,400 CZK). The study compares individual returns, investor returns, and the percentage of citizens investing in cryptocurrencies in the country.

Invezz used data from Chainalysis, Worldometers, and Triple A. Each country received points for its placement in each of the three indicators, and the final ranking was determined from the average of these three indicators. The study covers 23 countries, but is lacking in China and Taiwan because it is impossible to determine how reliable the data from these countries are.

overall ranking Land Ranking according to the share of cryptocurrency investors in a particular country Sort by per capita income
1. France 12. 3.
2. Czech 21. 1.
3. Belgium 20. 2.
4. Canada 13. 7.
5. Holland 14. 10.
6. Switzerland 23. 5.
7. Germany 17. 4.
8. Australia 11. 8.
9. Britain 8. 13.
10. United States of America 3. 17.

The United States ranks first in terms of total revenue generated from bitcoin trading, with total revenue of $4.1 billion. However, this number is high due to the large population in the United States. The United States ranked 10th in the Invezz rating.

France took first place overall, beating the average in all three indicators. Among the continents, Europe is clearly dominant. European countries ranked six of the top seven. The only exception among them is Canada, which ranked fourth. The average merchant payout in Europe is $453, while it’s $240 in North America. This means that Europeans have 89 percent higher returns than their counterparts in the United States and Canada.

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European countries also dominate the per capita income index, which ranks in the top six. However, other countries lag far behind the Czech Republic in terms of revenue. In Belgium, which ranks second, it is $17.

Ukraine has the largest percentage of cryptocurrency investors, at 12.7 percent. But the return is only $72 per investor. Traders in Switzerland generate the highest revenue, $1,268. The second is the Czech Republic at $1,259 per investor. However, a very small percentage of the population invests in crypto activities in both countries. The figure is 1.8 percent in Switzerland and 2.2 percent in the Czech Republic, both at the bottom of the list.