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The Czech Republic used to sink. This car is good for the company only

So when buying imported used goods, make sure the fuel doesn’t come from land that has been waterlogged. According to our experience, flooded cars appear to sellers and advertisements shortly after the floods. Due to the lightning nature of the flood, especially in Germany, which is the most popular country for importing used cars, a large number of cars can be expected to sink. Each time, a hundred cars were hit by a rapid flood, even right on the road in North Born Westphalia. In this number of attempts to sell in the direction of the entrance can be expected, warns Peter Vanek, COO of AURES Holdings, operator of AAA auto centers.

Find mud and eat it

A sunken car will not be like two. Even after complete drying of the clay and removing the clay, it will always be slightly clogged, parents will save electricity in electricity and rust will form in inaccessible cavities. tte dle

According to the SDA, nearly 20,000 cars were imported from abroad in June alone. The same volume can be expected in the following months, that is, one hundred and twenty thousand more by the end of the year. Most of the imports come from Germany, which has dried up record floods in several cities in recent days, including large gatherings with heavy car traffic. Used cars are often imported from similarly affected countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands, according to AAA Auto Michal Hckl.

In modern cars equipped with full electronic equipment and various safety systems, there is an understandable susceptibility to malfunctions, especially after flooding the air with large amounts of water, and not in the engine compartment. Many defects can also be life-threatening. Practically if electronics malfunction or there is a defect in the exterior parts of the vehicle due to excessive wear, Hckl warns.

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In the aftermath of widespread flooding, we always record attempts to sell cars that have been visibly damaged by water. That’s why we check where the car is being driven. We check in more detail whether, for example, there is no mud in many hard-to-reach cities, and preferably under two colors. Often until about two years later or below the dashboard. This indicates a lot of wear under the rug in the luggage compartment or the smell, Vanick describes.

Extreme obesity is recommended. In the purchase contract, the buyer must definitely ask for a provision stating that the model was not submerged in water, so that he can provide monetary compensation in the event of a complaint.

Due to the situation prevailing in Germany and Belgium, it can be expected that many cars will appear on many ad servers in the first of these countries. In the same way, cars that originated in the Czech Republic can appear, as there was local rowing in some cities, Vanek adds.

For cars from abroad, these are individual imports.

Immediately after flooding the car, the electrical wiring must be replaced, which means that it costs a thousand kroner. That’s why the cars in their original location are unsalable, Vanek said, and you can go to the Czech Republic, for example.

For cars imported from abroad, it is more complicated, especially if fraudsters try to hide the origin of the car, for example by quick selling on the ground to make it appear that it does not come from the flooded area, Vanick concluded.

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