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Češi v úzkých. Úřad si posvítil na jejich oblíbenou činnost, schytají obrovské pokuty

The Czechs are in trouble. The office brought light to their favorite activity, and they will receive huge fines

It is no secret that the Czech state’s budget is in great trouble and is mired in ever-increasing debts. Of course, it would be ideal for officials to implement austerity measures so as not to spend too much. But this is not at all how the state works. He prefers to find new sources of income, while it is always true that there is where to take it.

The end of tolerance

If there is a certain degree of benevolence somewhere that people can use, they will simply be drawn in. Now it is waiting for hundreds of thousands of Czechs who like to trade in different markets and sell their things here, whether they are second-hand or handmade.

Until now, these marketplaces, which include, for example, Facebook’s Marketplace or Aukro, but also many, have been in a certain gray area. People could use them and it was generally true that no one paid any taxes on income and profits. This was possible mainly because individual stores were insignificant, and because of their quantity, it was difficult for the tax authorities to keep track of them.

However, this is now changing. And it must be said that the new European Directive, which will also be adapted in the Czech Republic, works on this quite skillfully. This is because they will force the sales platforms themselves to report individual deals and sellers’ personal data to the finance department. This way, you get more information about whether someone is running a certain type of business here.

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It can be expensive

Needless to say, if you’re selling something here and there in the markets, you probably won’t have any problems. There are a large number of such transactions, and the authorities must have trouble processing them even with the new data. Thus, the report will mainly concern those who sell more than 50,000 crowns per year.

However, if someone dedicates themselves to it, they will overcome this limit quite easily. There are a large number of such people in the Czech Republic. They must now, in their own interest, pay the appropriate taxes on the sales, or else they will be in grave danger of being investigated by the Tax Office.

And that doesn’t have to be fun. In addition to the estimated tax, you will get a huge fine in case of inspection and also have to pay interest on the amount owed. Especially after the introduction of controls, one can expect a lot of successful fortunes.

Auditors can look further into the past and measure arrears for many years in retrospect. This could, in theory, be a literal liquidation of some merchants who thought they did not have to pay taxes.

Image: shutterstock