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The Czechs have taken online grocery stores by storm.  There are almost no dates for the holidays

The Czechs have taken online grocery stores by storm. There are almost no dates for the holidays

Anyone who wants to order food at the last minute on the Internet is likely to be out of luck. Dates are busy almost on all holidays. During Christmas, people spend much more on food in electronic stores and stone shops are closed. The Czechs have always been at the forefront of online shopping in Europe. Every sixth Czech store regularly buys online. And every month, another 10,000 new customers try to order food online.

Sit in front of the computer and order and eat in front of the door in a few hours. A service used by more and more Czechs. Nova TV has addressed those who already have experience buying groceries online.

One mom explained why she was shopping online: “I don’t want to make a big purchase with a baby, so it’s more convenient for me.” Another respondent said, “I always choose more online than I would in a brick-and-mortar store.” People also cited saving time and reluctance to shop as reasons to shop online.

Many people used to shop online during the pandemic. Some people no longer want to go back to stone shops. “In terms of interest, we have significantly surpassed the Covid line, although there is no closure now, and in November we had the largest number of orders per day and the most customers since the beginning of the operation,” PR Director Denisa Ladka Morgensteinova told

While in the past, most people from big cities used to shop online, they are used to it in the village as well. “We have equally good clients in Prague, the V Most, or perhaps in Dolní Lhota in Moravia,” Nova TV Brož said. “We’ve learned in the past two years to buy people we can’t imagine. We have a relatively strong base of shoppers among retirees.” , a spokesperson for Koší

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Prepare Christmas eggnog in 10 minutes!  Top 5 recipes

Prepare Christmas eggnog in 10 minutes! Top 5 recipes

It is said that people who buy groceries online save up to two and a half days a year, travel about 800 km and carry 600 kg less. “The average buy in our country weighs about 32 kilograms, and customers use it so they don’t have to drag it. There are hydroponic grains for animal feed,” said Vaclav Kokoliček, a spokesperson for Tesca.

It is said that online shopping before Christmas this year is specific. Vendors also sell merchandise from canceled Christmas markets, and home-made sweets, mead sausage or stallion are now some of the best-selling items people buy online.

Before Christmas, people were also spending more on groceries. While they usually shop for 1,500 kroner, it is now not uncommon to buy 10,000. People often ask for high-quality food as gifts.