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The Czechs learned a bad situation while working in lockdown mode -

The Czechs learned a bad situation while working in lockdown mode –

The Czechs will bring an unwanted souvenir from the annual home office: in addition to kilograms, there are also health problems due to poor posture. This is also confirmed by the data of the Wellness Center. “About 80% of people who contact us deal with inappropriate furniture when working from home and the resulting back pain and lack of focus, ” Kachina Zidlarova of the Wellness Center says. The best time to quit bad habits is now. Many companies are ending the distance regimen, and people should focus on healthy preparation habits when they return.

The year of the epidemic brought Czech Republic new bad habits resulting from working at home. The most common one is bad posture when sitting at a computer. People with sedentary jobs often spend their work hours at the dining table or in a chair, in long blocks of time without moving. As the physiotherapists point out, it paves the way for chronic back pain, muscle weakness, digestive and breathing problems, and even enuresis and poor spermogram in men. Inappropriate background and bad posture became a daily norm in the Czech Republic during the pandemic. Additionally, many people who do not initiate the problem do not solve it and gradually return to living in a state of pain. According to experts, this is definitely not the answer.

There are more and more patients who come to our physiotherapy office and have problems due to the consequences of regular computer activity. The correct ergonomics for working at a computer is to eliminate the pathological curvature of the spine. One of the main advantages of the positioning chair is the change in the position of the pelvis, which subsequently balances muscular imbalances and thus facilitates the straightening of the spine. It is important to realize in a timely manner that the main priority of good work is a suitably fit work environment. Therefore, I recommend that all those still sitting in an uncomfortable hard chair take steps to change in order to prevent, for example, hyperthyroidism, headaches or various pains, whether acute or chronic in the worst case. I recommend, among other things, short breaks, when a person is stretching out at work, walking and possibly changing position on the desk for a while. “ Says health therapist Markéta Karcolová of Markéta Massage Studio.

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Fortunately, most people want to address the consequences of the epidemic in the form of back problems. “On the recommendation of the doctor, our clients start searching for medical chairs, some of them are even on their own initiative. Employees who have already invested in orthopedic chairs and height-adjustable tables intend to demand the same standard in the workplaceHowever, companies have not yet been equipped with medical furniture in large quantities, ”Kateřina Zaydlarová added.Office furnishing trend is somewhat declining and employers often do not pay their chair or desk to their employees. On the one hand, enlightened companies are still investing in supporting the health of their employees. ”

Healthy seating centers It is a network of branded showrooms throughout the Czech Republic, which specializes in sales and consulting in the area of ​​orthopedic seating. The Wellness Seating has been dealing with the workplace environment for more than 10 years and has been working with leading experts from the ranks of physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons and neurologists. At the wellness seating center, you can purchase medical office chairs with sprung wheelchair or design MODESK height-adjustable tables. In health seating centers, customers can try individual models of chairs or tables, and they can also borrow the chairs for free to try at home or in the office.