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The Czechs will recognize the Hungarian vaccinations, including Sputnik and the Chinese one

The Czechs will recognize the Hungarian vaccinations, including Sputnik and the Chinese one

According to MTI, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó confirmed this on Facebook. In Hungary, as the only country in the European Union, it is vaccinated with the Russian product Sputnik V and vaccines from Chinese companies Sinopharm and CanSino Biologics. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has not recommended its use. In addition, products from Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca are used.

He added that further negotiations on unlimited travel within the European Union are scheduled to take place in Lodz, Poland, where the foreign ministers of the four Visegrad countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) are meeting today.

In addition to the Czech Republic, Hungary has reached an agreement on the mutual recognition of covid-19 immunity certificates with Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey and Bahrain, Hungary and Romania also recognize mutual immunity certificates.

Today, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a regular radio address that Hungary may be the first European country to return to “normal life” after the epidemic. However, Orban warned that the epidemic was not over and called on his citizens to abide by the rules “necessary for a safe life.”

So far, according to Orban, 4.48 million of about ten million Hungarians have been vaccinated, of whom 2.6 million have received the two doses, according to MTI. The Prime Minister promised to lift restrictions on weddings and similar events after exceeding the limit of five million vaccinations, as well as a ban on going out between midnight and five in the morning. However, in group events, immunity certificates will be required from the participants until the beginning of August.

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In Hungary, there were 1,190 new confirmed cases of coronavirus and 71 deaths in the past day. MTI recalled that since the beginning of the epidemic, 796,390 Hungarians had been infected, including 29,041 infected.

According to earlier statements by Prime Minister Andrej Babis (YES) and Health Minister Peter Arrenberger (for YES), travel between the Czech Republic and six countries could be simplified for people vaccinated against covid-19 from around mid-May. A week earlier, Babis mentioned Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia in parliamentary inquiries. On Thursday, Arenberger said in the Parliamentary Committee on Healthcare that the Czech Republic will recognize the cross-vaccination of COVID-19 with Poland, Hungary and Germany from Saturday, May 15, and that it is also negotiating with Slovakia.