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إعلان مسلسل "شغل عالي"

The dates of the Ramadan 2022 series on Al-Nahar channel

The viewership of Al-Nahar satellite channel increases during the month of Ramadan, due to its keenness to show a selection of dramatic series.

Drama lovers are interested in searching for the dates of Ramadan 2022 series on the day, through news platforms.

And in the Ramadan drama season 2022, Al-Nahar will show 4 new series, which are “Ali Work”, starring Fifi Abdo and Sherine Reda, and it will be shown at 6:15 and repeated at 11:30 pm.

The channel also shows the series “Deviation” starring the artist Rogina, at 12 am, the series “Faces” by the star Hanan Mutawa, and it will be shown at 8:00 pm, and the series “Donia Tania” starring Laila Elwi and the artist Magdy Kamel. It shows at 11 pm.

In an attempt to intrigue the audience, the management of Al-Nahar channel postponed its announcement of the dates of showing this variety of drama series, until the final form of the map is settled.

The dates of showing Ramadan 2022 series on Al-Nahar Drama

Al-Nahar Drama channel is highly watched by followers in Egypt and the Arab world, and its map in Ramadan 2022 is characterized by diversity, and in the new season it shows a large number of series.


Starring Rogina, Ahmed Safwat, Mohamed Lotfi, Wizo, and Samiha Ayoub. The script was written by Mostafa Chehayeb and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz. The series will be shown at 10 pm and repeated at 2:30 am.

high work

The series “Ali Work”, shown at 9:30 pm on the day, will be a drama, and it will be repeated at 12:30 am, and co-starring Fifi Abdo, Sherine Reda, Karim Sorour, Tony Maher, Basma Daoud, Marwan Younis, and a number of other artists. The events of the series are in a comic framework between Fifi and Sherine and some strange situations, and the series is also scheduled to be shown without breaks on the watch it platform.

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Al-Nahar channel will show the drama of the series “Faces”, at 1:00 am, and a selection of art stars, headed by the brilliant artist Hanan Mutawa, will participate in the Ramadan competition for 2022, and the work consists of two completely different stories, each of which revolves in 15 episodes, With a different story and other heroes.

The first story of the work bears the name “Wish Talat”, starring Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Hala Fakher, Abed Anani, Nourhan, Rania Mellah, Tamer Farag, written by Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, directed by Moataz Hosam.

As for the second story, it bears the name “Faces”, starring the artist Ahmed Wafik, the artist Jihan Khalil and a group of other stars, and it is written by Muhammad Ali Ibrahim and directed by Ahmed Hassan.

another world

The series “Donia Tania”, among the Ramadan works shown on Al-Nahar TV channel, is co-starring Laila Elwi, Mai Selim, Magdy Kamel, Ashraf Zaki, Wafaa Sadiq, Firas Al-Saeed, script and dialogue by Hamdi Al-Tayeh, Amr Moamen, Ibrahim Al-Sabbagh, supervision of Written by Amin Jamal, work directed by Ahmed Abdel Aal, and it will be shown at 11 pm.