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The daughter of the artist Ahmed Badir survived a fire in Kuwait - our lives - destinations

The daughter of the artist Ahmed Badir survived a fire in Kuwait – our lives – destinations

The daughter of the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Badir, survived after a fire broke out inside her house, on Saturday evening.

Sarah Bdeir stated on her Facebook account that the cause of the fire was an explosion in the air conditioner while she and her daughter were sleeping.

Ahmed Badir’s daughter appealed to her followers not to sleep while the air conditioners were running, to prevent them from being exposed to a situation similar to what she was exposed to.

Sarah Badr shared pictures of the fire that broke out inside her house.

For his part, the artist Ahmed Badir confirmed in statements to the Egyptian newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, that his daughter Sarah is fine and has not been harmed after the fire.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti judiciary recently acquitted the media, Mai Al-Aidan, of insulting and defaming Ahmed Badir.

Al-Aidat wrote through her account on “Instagram”, “Today, I was acquitted of the case brought by the Egyptian artist Ahmed Badir in Kuwait, and my innocence of offending him,” thanking the honest Kuwaiti judiciary, lawyer Dari Al-Wawan and his office staff and his defense of me in this case.

The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, had shared a picture of the artist Ahmed Badir and his daughter Sarah, through her account, sarcastic about his appearance, saying: “The image of the daughter of the artist Ahmed Badir… God, his daughter, Maza, the daughter of Al-Aqraa” came out, which sparked a confrontation between her and his daughter.

After Ahmed Badir’s daughter responded to the media, Mai Al-Aidan, everyone was surprised by the Kuwaiti media’s response, saying: “Sarah, Ahmed Badir’s daughter, responded. First of all, who said I mocked him.” Al-Aidan continued: “I said about him that he is actually knocking, and I see most of his scenes in his plays and films, who mocks his lot, and Suhair Al-Babli turned his lottery in Raya and his knife, I see what you spoke.”

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The crisis escalated, after which Ahmed Badir’s lawyer announced that he had taken all legal measures against the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, regarding the bullying and insulting of his client and his daughter, and mocking him with verbal abuse that was reported by most sites and social media accounts, to bring down the curtain on the case of Mai Al-Aidan and Ahmed Badir rule in her favour.

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